There are a LOT of smart guys and girls reading
my site right now…you’re reading it aren’t you?!
And I often reach out to my connections both in
our trading/investing niche, and outside to make
sure that I’m staying ahead of the trends…

Through these connections and relentless study
of trends, I believe I’ve figured out why traders
are buying again.

I’ve applied it to TradingConcepts and their
upcoming Emini Success Formula launch (which
you BETTER be promoting ;)), and their past OptionsMD
launch that did over 1.1 million in sales with 4,
yes FOUR, customer refunds…so I know what I’m
talking about here.

So listen up…

Two reasons really stick out to me.

First, the products are evolving to ensure better training
and a closer relationship with the customer.

Imagine that…caring about the customer!? It’s product
owners doing the right thing.

Second, customers are smarter!! 4 years ago money was
flowing, everyone was buying, and to heck with real
research on a product. Well times changed and customers
finally got their acts together.

‘Smarter customers’ doesn’t mean it’s harder to sell, it
means WE as marketers and product owners/creators
need to respect their knowledge and TEACH UP to
their level.

What do you think? Keep me connected and I’ll
keep you connected!