October 18

Why I Think Traders Are Buying


There are a LOT of smart guys and girls reading
my site right now…you’re reading it aren’t you?!
And I often reach out to my connections both in
our trading/investing niche, and outside to make
sure that I’m staying ahead of the trends…

Through these connections and relentless study
of trends, I believe I’ve figured out why traders
are buying again.

I’ve applied it to TradingConcepts and their
upcoming Emini Success Formula launch (which
you BETTER be promoting ;)), and their past OptionsMD
launch that did over 1.1 million in sales with 4,
yes FOUR, customer refunds…so I know what I’m
talking about here.

So listen up…

Two reasons really stick out to me.

First, the products are evolving to ensure better training
and a closer relationship with the customer.

Imagine that…caring about the customer!? It’s product
owners doing the right thing.

Second, customers are smarter!! 4 years ago money was
flowing, everyone was buying, and to heck with real
research on a product. Well times changed and customers
finally got their acts together.

‘Smarter customers’ doesn’t mean it’s harder to sell, it
means WE as marketers and product owners/creators
need to respect their knowledge and TEACH UP to
their level.

What do you think? Keep me connected and I’ll
keep you connected!



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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • Hey Brad,

    Very insightful, and I totally agree, there’s been an evolution taking place, several in fact.

    The clients are getting more acclimated with regards to trading online and having the internet available with all the information and training – it wasn’t that long ago that most traders were broker-assisted. Not anymore.

    The internet landscape itself has evolved, particularly with purchasing online and ‘living’ here.

    The population of traders has evolved, meaning that as a whole, traders are taking a more mature approach to trading in general than they were not so long ago. Quicker to seek out training and a little wiser as a group, which is good to see.

    Of course the training and marketing systems have also evolved, which is good for everyone too.

    It’s a constantly changing environment, always providing new opportunities, which is interesting as well, because there are still timeless principles that will apply as technology changes simply because we’re talking about people. Some things about human nature will remain constant, even as we evolve. 😀

    My 2-cents,


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