April 13

“Why do you have FOUR kids??”


Over the weekend I got the chance to celebrate one of my best friends (Jon) marrying a girl WAY above his pay grade (Leanne)…she’s awesome and perfect for him. But in the midst of all the catching-up, seeing what else was going on, etc etc…I was asked the same question about 5 different times from 5 different people at different points in the night…



(My favorite was from my friend Brett who was falling asleep in a chair, at about 1am eyes glazed in wonder…or weary ;))

It was funny because none of my friends have more then two, and seeing me (and knowing my crazy history) with four kids does not compute to them.

They think…honestly I don’t know what they think, but there’s an answer that I really only came to in the past year or so…

But here’s the underlying answer …

Kids make me less selfish.

That’s it.

Now of course I love my kids beyond what they do for ME…of  course my kids are fun, they make me laugh, the teach me about love, they show me my faults, etc.

But when it comes down to it all, they teach me to be selfLESS.

Clearly if that’s the formula, then with four kids I might be the most selfish person you know 🙂

But it’s true.

I’m selfish, but kids make me less selfish.

That probably isn’t true for you, but it is to me.

So this post really has NOTHING to do with marketing or John’s upcoming launches, but more to answer a question that’s often asked of me, and to show you a little more of Brad.



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Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • Now I know why God gave me four children… 😉

    But seriously (not that I wasn’t being serious above), my life would be so booooring without my children.

  • And here I always thought it was to have workers for your farm. 😉

    I hope one day to join the club and have some little kiddos.

  • You’re spot on!

    Just last weekend I drove from Austin to Dallas with my 11-year-old son Julius so that he could attend a sailing regatta.

    So here’s how the weekend went:

    Friday afternoon drove at 4:30pm from Austin to Dallas, just to hit rush hour. Arrived at the hotel at 9:30pm at night.

    Saturday morning: Getting up at 6:30am (and I am NOT an early riser), drive from the hotel to the yacht club, unload his boat, help him rig and launch, jump into the ski boat that I purchased JUST for these events, be on the water to watch him racing and provide him with food, water and encouragement between the races, getting burned to a crisp in the Texas sun (yes, it’s pretty strong in April in Texas), get off the lake late in the afternoon, stow the boat away, get some dinner and THEN work a couple of hours while he’s fast asleep in the hotel room.

    Next morning the same deal: Getting up at 6:30am AGAIN (are you kidding me?!?), rig the boat, be on the lake, de-rig the boat, stow it away, haul it back to Austin, arrive there in the evening and then play with my daughter, since SHE hasn’t seen me all weekend.

    Sunday night: Fall into bed, completely exhausted, just to wake up again on Monday morning at 6:30am (DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE?) to drive the kids to school.

    Yes, having kids DEFINITELY teaches you being less selfish!

    Of course Mr. Brad Staffor has to take it to the next level with FOUR kids! – lol

    I’m already more than busy with 2… 😉

    Great post, Brad!

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