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Who/what should you promote….part 3


Today I’m going to cover part 3 in this series and focus on WHO you should promote.

This is always a challenge because you might not know a lot about a company, or product, and you want to make sure that you’re truly promoting quality people to your audience. Because if you line up with someone that has crappy products, bad reputation, or spams your leads…YOU’RE GOING TO BE HURT!

So picking the companies/products you promote is very important. Here are a few steps and recommendations to ensure you line up with good people:

First, research the product!

Seems simple enough, but many people just say ‘yeah give me the offer and I’ll push it,’ not knowing anything about the product. You need to basically be an advocate for your audience. Take time to research what you can about the product. This puts you in a position to be able to confidently say to your audience:  ‘yes this is high quality and although it might not be for you, I think you should check it out.’

Sometimes you can’t research the product. Might be because of a launch, maybe the owners don’t want to share too much with you, etc etc…that’s your call if you want to promote, but you should ALWAYS try to research and test the product.

I know of an excellent affiliate marketer (I won’t say his name here, not sure if he’d be comfortable with that), but this guy basically researches and actually USES the product before he promotes it! Sounds just crazy…but he’s a TOP guy and has some of the highest click to earnings numbers I’ve heard of.

You might not be able to fully run through the product, but you should know OF it before you recommend it.

Second, who’s your contact?

Most companies selling products have affiliate managers recruiting affiliates and trying to get them to promote the services. At times that affiliate contact is the ONLY connection you have with the product…so do you like that person? Do you trust that person? Is that person available to you and REALLY able to answer your questions about the product???

These are all things you need to ask yourself. That affiliate manager might just be a place holder for a crap product. If you have questions about a piece of marketing for the product you’re selling…do they know the answer or are they guessing?? If they’re guessing there’s a good chance they haven’t fully researched the product THEMSELVES!!

With the clients I work for, I actually spend time ‘acting like a customer’ on their sites and with their products before I agree to work with them. I want to see how they would treat a REAL customer, a customer from an affiliate partner I would recruit…it’s about knowing the product and knowing the person behind the affiliate program.

If I recommend a product/company for promotion by an affiliate, you’d better darn well know that my reputation is on the line!

Three, what’s the history?

This one is tricky as sometimes companies pop-up who are quality, and other companies that have been around forever that suck. So how do you tell the crap from the gold??

1. Ask other people that you see promoting them. If you see ads promoting a company then you should ask those people promoting them what experiences they’ve had. Now chances are if someone is promoting a company…they like them or the results…so take their vote of confidence with a grain of salt. However they can give you honest insight as to what their customer’s feedback has been, their results, and their interaction with the company.

2. Talk to those who DON’T promote for that company anymore. You’ll have to dig a bit to find these people, but google search the company/product and look for the old posts, check to see if there’s been anything recent, and then contact that site. Again you’ll have to take their advice/insights with a grain of salt as they might be bitter over something that you’d never deal with.

3. Talk to others in the marketing industry in general. I think I’m a pretty good source for honest feedback…email me But if you know others you should ask them as well. Chances are someone knows something, so you’ve got to ask.

Which brings me to the conclusion…

Who/what in my opinion fits ALL the categories that I’ve mentioned in this three part series?? These companies:

1. Quality name, long successful history, dedicated support team, quality products, various marketing methods (content and launch), and high payouts on web AND phone referred sales.  Affiliate info Sign-up here. ( which is under the umbrella)

2. Successful trader, tireless educator, high converting newsletters, content marketing, 90% renewal rate on newsletters and products, full-time support staff, and high-end recurring commissions: Affiliate info and Sign-up here.

3. Stock trading/picking software with over 10 years success, focused creators, great marketers, easy to work with, and good click to sale numbers on the right promos: Affiliate info and Sign-up here.

4. Wealth Insider Alliance: Excellent marketers, high-end recurring products, pay on time, easy to work with, good squeeze pages, high returns on lead values: Affiliate info and Sign-up here

I’ve been in this business over 5 years now and I’ve learned a TON. This isn’t a 9-5, off holidays off weekends, kinda job. It’s one that requires time, effort, and commitment. That’s my focus for my clients as well as the affiliate marketers (YOU) that I work with. I work with all the above companies and stamp my seal of approval on them ALL…so join them ALL and start promoting!!

Also if you want my opinion about someone you might or currently promote just ask ( I’m more then happy to offer you an unbiased review.

All my best,
Brad Stafford

P.S.Did I miss your company/product? email me here ( so I can review the product to see if it would get my nod of approval!


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