July 7

What’s working now???


The economy is in the can, portfolios are crushed, and here we are trying to sell people trading courses and tools…an up-hill battle indeed!

But there’s hope.

The hope lies in the marketing. “Yeah, Brad of course you say that.” What I mean is that the marketing lies in the HOPE!

Today’s traders are looking for some hope to improve their trading, recover their portfolio, and achieve financial freedom. So we need to determine what’s the ‘hope’ that people will buy. You know what that hope is???

It’s the hope that lies in the heart of the PRODUCT CREATOR! “WHAT???!!!”

For those of you who have created a product, a course, or a tool…remember how much hope and passion you put into that creation? Your blood, sweat, and tears (maybe not blood, but a TON of time and passion). People want something to hope for.

Hope obviously won’t pay their bills, or help their trading, but hope will give them reason enough to BELIEVE IN YOU and what YOU’RE SELLING!

Think about that…


P.S. How can you put your hope into the product?


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