What is this “Recommended Page”?

Written by Brad

September 21, 2010

This page is dedicated to introducing you to companies and affiliate
programs that I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND! They are quality, they
have good products, solid marketing methods, RELIABLE tracking,
TIMELY payment processing…and quality people working on the
back end to ensure your success.

So read through them, sign-up, and drop my name to get a STAFF
membership and/or FREE product…OK?

1. BigTrends.com: Options, ETF’s, and Forex. Courses and subscription site
Quality name, long successful history, dedicated
support team, quality products, various marketing methods (content
and launch), and high payouts on web AND phone referred sales.

Affiliate info Sign-up here

2. TheTechnicalTraders.com: ETF’s and Futures. Newsletter products

Successful trader, tireless educator, high converting newsletters, content marketing,
90% renewal rate on newsletters and products, full-time support staff, and
high-end recurring commissions: Affiliate info and Sign-up here.

3. Investing-Systems.com: Stocks and ETF’s. Software

Stock trading/picking software with over 10 years
success, focused creators, great marketers, easy to work with, and good click to
sale numbers on the right promos: Affiliate info and Sign-up here.

4. Wealth Insider Alliance: Newsletters

Excellent marketers, high-end recurring products, pay on time, easy to work with,
good squeeze pages, high returns on lead values: Affiliate info and Sign-up here

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