October 19

What I Learned Spending 348k on Ads


So over the past several months I’ve
invested quite a bit of money in ad
buys…like a lot.

Just like these guys 🙂

Some ad buys were AWESOME where my ROI blew my projections out of the water.

Others have not.

I’m writing this quick blog so that you can see exactly what I learned spending 348k (give or take) on ads…

Here are 3 most CRUCIAL lessons I
learned so you can spend your money
better and get an ROI even faster then
I was able to!!

#1. Get Your Funnel RIGHT

No matter where your traffic comes
from, if you do not have a well-oiled
machine of a funnel…you’re cooked.

You can think you have the best product
in the world, but if you’re not able to
PROPERLY sell it…might as well be
selling snake oil.

The key to a good process?


Run trusted (usually internal) data
through the funnel, set a benchmark
for value per click/per lead/etc., and
then branch out to cold traffic.

If you have a process that you know
makes you X as an average, then when
you spend money on ads, no matter
WHERE you spend it, you can have
a baseline to determine success.

If you know you make 5.00 per lead
internally, and through Google ads
you can make 4.00 from the traffic,
then it’s safe to say you should spend
MORE and tweak that source to see
if you can get it higher.

#2.  Throw multiple noodles.


HAHA...I love the internet :)
HAHA…I love the internet 🙂

The old marketing adage is to  ‘throw something against a wall  to see if it sticks’. 🙂

Same thing with your ads.

You might have something that does  really well (again, have an average  number based on your warm traffic)  on email rentals, but doesn’t pull
on Google…

It’s probably the ad 🙂

Test multiple ‘looks’ for the ad from  headline, to images, to colors, and even the CALL TO ACTION, to find  the ads that pull best on different platforms.

Not all Google ads pull well on Facebook
and not all Email rentals do well on

Find what others are doing that appear
to be successful and ‘glean’ tips from
their ads to apply to your own…


#3 Manage Risk…MANAGE IT HARD 🙂 !

My biggest burns came from the CPM model…

It’s my fault for two reasons:

First, I trusted the advertiser too much.

I’m a trusting person, and when someone
puts out ‘average’ response rates from a list
I take them as honest people.

However…that hasn’t been the case.


Second, with guys who didn’t hose me
I should have tested smaller.

The ROI was OK…but if I would have
tested SMALLER, then I wouldn’t
have gone too heavy into bad lists
and light into the good lists.

However, the BEST WAY to manage
the risk, in my opinion, is via CPL/CPC
model (cost per lead/cost per click)

It’s truly the BEST way to buy traffic…

But here’s the issue:

Most agencies say they can’t (which I
don’t buy), or they can’t produce enough

Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing,
Outbrain, Taboola, and some GREAT
email management companies (ask
for intros) ALL DO CPC or CPL…


It’s the best way to ensure performance
of YOUR OWN ADS! Clicks are what you’re
after to put actual people through the
funnel to turn into buyers.

Yes, I’m sure people will say ‘oh well, I
did CPM with so and so and it went
well…’. To you I say congrats 🙂

Because most everyone else I talk to
who buys traffic is rarely happy after
a CPM deal…there’s a reason why they
always have to do ‘make good’ email
sends 🙁

In closing…take my lessons to heart
and please try to apply them to your
own business!!

If you need help/guidance with any
of the above, reach out to me via email:

Would love your feedback!



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