August 29

Unlimited Lifetime Support, Really?


When customer service is done RIGHT…customers stay for MUCH longer. Todd’s launching his Emini Success Formula September 10th to 21st (yes if you’re not promoting, GET IN NOW) and from his FIRST product, Todd’s been offering Unlimited Lifetime Support.

At first…I wasn’t a huge fan of running it forever. But Todd knows his customers and what it takes to get a crazy low refund rate.

So I asked Todd to share with us a little about his unlimited support…and if you’ve got a futures, day trading, or general education audience or list, please join Todd’s affiliate program and earn 800 bucks per sale (plus a huge contest for his launch) JOIN HERE for no cost.

By Todd Mitchell

Since 1994, I’ve offered unlimited lifetime support with my mentoring programs and, almost two decades later, there’s hardly a passing day where I don’t get the question:

Do you really offer unlimited lifetime support with your program?”

People find it hard to believe they can personally reach me by phone or email with any questions they have about my E-Mini Success Formula Program… forever!

But it’s true and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Someone once told me, it’s more important to fall in love with your customers than it is to fall in love with your product – in my case, I can honestly say – while I do love my product, my customers’ success is the most important part of my business.

Unlimited lifetime support is the least I can offer someone who puts his or her faith in me.

In addition to serving my students’ highest needs, I’ve discovered there are a number of other benefits to offering such expansive support. These are:

1.  Together we’re better!

If one of my students has a question about a module– it’s probably because I could have done a better job explaining the strategy, trade set up or management of the trade.

Without such feedback, I wouldn’t know where and how I could improve upon the program – and, it’s because of this feedback, I’ve made three massive revisions to the program and hundreds of improvements to better ensure my students are best-equipped with the knowledge and understanding they need to become successful traders.

2.  Greater enrollment!

During a minor hiccup in judgment over a year ago, I decided to make my course available with only 1 year of unlimited email support with me.  This was still ‘above the norm’ and sales were going well – but, in my gut, even though I knew this would mean more work for me – I decided to make a last-minute decision and bring back my unlimited lifetime support.

The moment we made this shift, our conversion rates instantly increased by 35% and have remained pleasantly high ever since.

3.  Lower Returns!

As an affiliate, you’re probably used to seeing return rates in the range of 35%-50% and claw-backs to your checks feel a bit like nails on a chalkboard.   Trust me, I’ve been there.

Now in addition to offering a 100%, 1-Year Money Back (PLUS an extra $500) Performance Guarantee – I’ve found the biggest cause of returns is when students have questions that go unanswered.

The unlimited support gives me an opportunity to understand the students’ frustration, struggles and hang-ups – and address those questions right away – even if it takes me time to use a screen sharing service to jump on their computer and walk them, hand-by-hand, on how to see the trade set up exactly the way I do.

The result?  Our return rates are less than 2% (and that means, our affiliates can rest assured their customers are in good hands).

Now as we prepare for our next E-mini Success Formula launch in September, don’t be surprised if you also see referral commissions from people who purchased another one of our mentoring programs (such as OptionsMD, PowerStock or Forex for Profits).

With the support and student satisfaction, past history tells us around 45% of new enrollees for the E-mini Success Formula will come from our existing student database – and, because I want our affiliates to know how much I value their participation – I happily pay commissions to active affiliates.

It’s the only way I know how to make sure everyone wins when you do business with Trading Concepts.

If there’s anything else I can offer you to make this launch experience even better, if you have any questions or just want to say “hello” – please reach me at or call me at 1-248-593-5851, and please considering promoting my Emini Success Formula launch starting September 10th to 21st. Partner with me here.

Yours in success,

Todd Mitchell
CEO, Trading Concepts Inc.


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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • I completely agree with providing life time support. It is something I have always done. Actually if I get any email with a question I always share my opinion/thoughts/analysis.

    Helping others is the reason myself and Todd do what we do!

  • Hey Brad,

    I think the support is huge b/c so many people have been burned in this industry. I just checked our infusion stats and our refund rate since 2012 on over 100k in sales is under 2% on Todd’s product. For 2013 it is actually only 1% 🙂

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