April 20

The ONE Thing Trading Education Companies Are NOT Investing In….


So Many Trading/Investing Companies fall on their own swords!

You trade (or teach trading)….but do you INVEST?

Not the normal investing one’s used to discussing
in the financial niche with bonds, ETF’s, etc., etc…

I’m talking about investing in your marketing!!

In this article I’ll show you WHY…and WHERE to
focus your investment. Sound like a plan?


First, I GUARANTEE you’re not investing enough…
and if you want your business to GROW, you
need to invest MORE.
More money, more time, more patience!!

Here’s why.

This week, I had a great chat with a guy who has a
TON invested in his marketing and it’s paid off for
him CONSISTENTLY for the past 5+ years!

We BOTH learned the value of investing in copywriters,
product development, funnels, email client, merchant
account, optimization and MORE first hand.

Seeing early on that no matter how good the product is,
you need to be able to MARKET it in order to grow.

As our conversation rolled on, we talked life, advertising,
affiliates, and then landed on marketing and how most
people he and I talk to invest NOTHING in their marketing.

We’re not talking about investing in ADVERTISING…
please understand these are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!

Advertising brings the traffic…

Marketing CONVERTS the traffic…make sense?

We shared stories of people/companies ‘loving’ their product
so much they actually used the words “it’s so good it’ll sell itself!”
Good gracious…needless to say, that product did NOT sell itself 😉

It got me thinking of the people I’ve chatted with who want to
‘give it a go’ on their own. Fine I say…let me know how your
house wiring goes when you ‘give it a go’ on your own as well 😉

So the real question is…WHY!?!?!

Why…why should you invest in your marketing?

2 reasons (with probably another 324 that I can think of)

1. The realm of marketing success changes daily!

What’s working changes month to month, and if you want
to WIN, you need to play it long term by reevaluating tech,
analyzing funnels, and sometimes listening to those who
are doing marketing BETTER than you 🙂

This all takes one CRUCIAL thing…TIME!

In order to be able to adapt quickly – to determine whether to
adjust or stay the course – you need to be in marketing mode daily,
analyzing the data DAILY.  If you cannot do that, or don’t have someone
that CAN, then you should look to invest in HELP in that area ASAP.

2. Businesses that do not invest in marketing top out EARLY.

If you want your business to continue to GROW, it’s not about
coming up with new products every 2 months, it’s about investing
the money into marketing to GROW. If you can’t maximize, adapt,
and improve your funnels/processes as well, then you’ll hit a point
where you will go NO higher… that’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.
I see it FIRST HAND, upfront and personally, at least once a week,
every single week of the year!!

One company that comes to mind had a TON of success years back…
rested on their laurels and stuck their head in the sand about changes…
and are now in a REALLY tough spot.
People leaving, sales dropping…not great 🙁

OK, so you’re STARTING to realize you might be the company
above…WHAT DO YOU DO?!

You need to take a step back, analyze yourself HONESTLY, and
focus your time/resources in these TWO places:

1. Quality People.

Your neighbor’s kid whom you’ve met once, but has a lot of followers
on Facebook is NOT qualified 🙂 He’s cheap…but, just like the guy
paying .05 cents for leads, you get what you pay for!

Want to advance your funky tee shirt sales? HIRE HIM!

Want to ACTUALLY grow your business, find QUALITY people.

You’ll have to spend money on quality as quality is experience,
and that’s not cheap.

But it’s money well spent…whether on an external consultant like
ME, or someone hired within, or both…INVEST!

2. Tracking/Data

Always has been, always will be…it’s called Marketing!
Qualify target, communicate, track, adjust, sell – results, REPEAT.

You need proper tech to be able to TRACK everything.

Your CRM (infusionsoft, active campaign, ontraport, etc.)

Your clicks (improve.ly)

Your leads (CRM/improve.ly, etc., etc.)

Your squeeze pages (unbounce, lead pages, etc.)

Your funnel (infusionsoft, active campaign, etc.)

You get the point 🙂

Either YOU need to focus on this 100% or find someone
or a company that DOES.

It’s the BEST BEST BEST way to quickly see what’s working,
what’s not, and what can be done to FIX it so you’re making
MORE money.

Because that’s the goal right?

You’ve got to invest in becoming a professional company
to make MONEY like one!!

What are your thoughts?

Am I on the right track?

Missing tech stuff?

Missing points?




Brad Stafford, Copywriting, Financial marketing, improving conversions, launches in the trading/investing niche, marketing

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