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The easiest thing you can do for your marketing is to TEST your campaigns, pages, offers, etc etc!

But you know what 99% of companies do…SKIP IT!

Those companies say the following (as I’ve HEARD IT first hand):

“We’re making sales so I guess it’s good enough” (Stock edu company CEO)
“We’ll figure it out later.” (Futures broker marketing head)
“We just need more traffic, our conversions couldn’t get any better.” (Signal service company owner)

Any of the above sound like you? (I sure hope not)

If you’re not testing EVERYTHING you do, please take time to fix it. By everything here’s what I mean:

Sales Pages (Text)
Sales Pages (Video)
Lead Landing Pages
Welcome Email
Thank You Email
Email Subject Lines
Email Content
Email  Link Location

…Get my point?

So are you testing? Are you segmenting your traffic and list to go to different pages, different landing pages, different lead gen pages?


It’s a lot of work, but look at the results from ONE test campaign with one of my clients:

Ever Green Auto Responder Series (15 emails in series)

Open Rate Average = 12% (11.972 to be exact)
Click Thru Average =49% (49.117)
Sales Average = 3%

Open Rate Average =  16% (16.052)
Click Thru Average =35% (35.276)
Sales Average = 8%

I don’t want to break down each campaign (what I changed, what I edited, etc etc) but the above two tests allowed us to do a THIRD test that produced higher open rates, higher click thru rates, and MORE SALES!

If I just did the one test, we’d be plugging along with vanilla results…instead of HUGE sales improvements, higher value per lead, and more smiles on everyone’s face.

(YES if you are interested in promoting the offer that produced those numbers CONTACT ME brad@fmpgllc.com)

So start testing.

Hire someone, cut back on your time on Facebook, skip dinner…DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO!

Just test.


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