August 16

Tell to Sell


I have asked my good friend Dave Lukas to drop some of
his wisdom on us today! Dave is a guy I’ve known for years
and although I met him in the trading space, he’s MUCH
more diverse then just a trader…

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Here’s Dave…


Everyone is in sales.  You are a salesperson no matter what job you have or role you play.  Selling is one of the most natural, innate abilities of being human.  Think about it, every time you have an idea and passionately speak about it to convince others to buy into it, you are selling.  Are you married or have a significant other?  Guaranteed you sold them and they “bought” you or they wouldn’t be around.  Or maybe you have a toddler at home.  How many times do they ask you for something before you give in and give it to them?  They not only sell you, but are so persistent they close the deal almost every time.

So, if selling is such a innate ability for all us, why do so many people see it as such a challenge or in some cases as a negative?  We should embrace this ability and use it in our lives to help us.  The art of selling yourself or product/solution, or anything, is a critical skill we all should be aware of and maximize in our lives.

The good news is that you already have one of the most important skills needed to become an effective selling machine – The ability to tell a story.  Think about how many things you have done in your life because of a great story.  Maybe you went to a movie because your friends raved about it.  Or maybe you went to a restaurant or use a specific product/service because someone told a great story about it.  For many things, the story is the product!  (Think of epic book series like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter)

There a 3 components to a great story:

  1. It catches your interest and attention right away
  2. It pulls at you emotionally
  3. It leaves a lasting impression on you

You no doubt have family stories that have either been passed down through generations or specific stories that you vividly remember and tell over an over again from your life.  And every time you tell them, you feel excited, energized, and in many cases emotional.  These stories probably have the 3 components above and if you think about most great stories, you either tell or love; they will have them.

If you are in sales or an entrepreneur, think about how you can better tell your story.  Your story of why you do what you do, the story of how your company came to be including some of the struggles it overcame, and the story of your product or service and how it improves lives.  If you don’t have at least the 3 components above in your story, find a way to get them in there!

One of the best books on this topic is “Tell to Win” bu Peter Guber.  It’s a fantastic read, primarily because of all of the lessons you will learn are taught to you through story.  Peter is an icon from being on of the top executives and business owners in the Entertainment industry, to owning pro-sports teams, he has done it all and cites story telling at the most important reason for his success.  Below is a video of him explaining “Tell to Win.”

Remember selling and story telling are the most innate abilities you have! Embrace them, bring them together, and start enjoying even more success!


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Here’s what my network is saying…

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