Your Marketing Timing is EVERYTHING!

I could turn this into a VERY long post, but for now I’m going to stay on the surface and discuss the worst times to market…and expect results.

I could dive into specific days and specific times but then I’d be giving away all my secrets!

So let’s talk broad strokes starting today and moving through the year…

Date: April 11-24th

Why: TAX SEASON!! Even if someone has their taxes done, money coming back to them, and not a care in the world, they’re still VERY unlikely to want to take time to study and learn whatever you’re selling them. They also already have plans for money coming back that doesn’t include trading tools/services.

Oh yeah, then there’s spring break for kids. Most of our buyers have kids, work a TON of hours, and use the spring break as a time for family.

The week after tax season should be better because people have that burden off their shoulders and their minds are like a goldfish when it comes to ‘what did I plan on spending this money on again?’

Date: Middle of June

Why: School’s out!

Going back to my above point–when the kids get out of school, vacation plans are ramping up, kids are taking up more free time, and are already asking for money…so wallets get closed a little tighter.

The summer as a whole is normally a slower time, but when the kids get out of school you’re marketing to a ghost town.

Date: End of August/Beginning of September


Remember most of the buyers in our niche are very smart individuals with kids, houses, and bills. It’s this time of year they start to think about school shopping ($), private schools ($), and winter preparations. Their minds are often elsewhere and not 100% focused on trading…that comes once the kids are back in school and mom and dad get a break!

Date: November 20-30

Why: Thanksgiving and Travel

It really doesn’t matter who you are…people are expected to spend time with family (which is a good thing!) But in the midst of that…time is taken away from trading and thinking about trading. If you’re not able to get a big chunk of a buyer’s attention then chances are slim for a close, and slimmer that the buyer will be able to use the tool and KEEP IT (refunds).

One could argue that  since they’re on vacation they can study more, so try to convince me in the comments!

But for the most part they’re not going to be buying and if they are, refunds will be higher because they couldn’t truly give it a shot!

Date: December 19th to January 5th

Why: Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years

Does this really need describing?? Holidays = LOTS OF MONEY BEING SPENT…and 99% of the time it’s not being spent on oneself. Same is true with traders and buyers. They have a lot of gifts to think about, pay for, and they won’t be able to really get back into their routine until after New Years.

Again, the vacation argument could be taken, so if you have input or results post away in the comments!

Date: February

Why: Credit Card Bills!

Those holiday gift costs are coming to roost and February is often a slow month with belts being tightened, and the reality of how much was spent smacks people in the face. Now, it’s not ALL February, as sales will still come in and convert, but plan on lower-ended price points.

This is just a broad list that I’ve put together in my head from years of marketing experience in this niche. I’ve seen brokers push stuff hard that’s flopped and I’ve seen bloggers who’s sole income is affiliate marketing crash hard. It’s just one of those things!

So if you have any thoughts, or input on the above dates (or one I’m missing) please comment below!