Part 2: Getting More Leads in 3 Simple Steps

Last week we covered the first C in my famous (self declared): Getting More Leads in 3 Simple Steps

It was…Create.

Now I want to dive in the 2nd C and THE HARDEST!


You might be thinking “Brad what does CONVERT, have to
do with getting more leads??”

I’m glad you asked…because it has everything to do with it.

If you’re not converting, and improving your conversions then
you’re WASTING clicks and not getting the leads you DESERVE!

Let’s do some math…(to my past math teachers, you’re right I’m using math!)

Scenario 1: You’ve run a decent Google Ad campaign and were able to
generate exactly 1000 clicks…NICE JOB! Now, of those 1000
clicks 250 people sign-up for your ‘thing’. Nice job…

Those 1000 clicks cost you, let’s say 3.00 bucks a click so
you spend $3,000.00 on 250 new leads at a cost of $12.00
per lead.

Scenario 2: Same clicks as above, 1000, but this time you
focused on the ‘convert’ and were able to get 400 new leads
at a NEW cost of $7.50 per lead!!

Not only did you save money by improving your conversions

You’re thinking exactly what I was thinking years ago…

“Yeah I want to convert MORE… but HOW!?!”

Honestly it’s taken me YEARS to not figure it out 100%,
but to hack the process, and shorten time to positive ROI.
That’s what we’re after…positive ROI.

The how is what I want to show you today…
(unfortunately you WILL have to do some work unless you hire THESE GUYS)

Here are the steps that I would recommend on how to


As in my previous article I’ll share with you how Brian
and I do it for clients via, and
then I’ll give you a tip on how to do it yourself…ready?


TradersNewsMedia Way: Brian and I are creating dozens of pages for
dozens of products a MONTH…and we do it quickly because
it’s what allows us to get the best results for our clients.

We knuckle down and typically create 3-5 pages in a DAY!

We use a multiple platforms to give us the widest range of
page creative samples to give us the latest analysis of what’s
CURRENTLY working in our space.

Your Way: Knuckle down and create 2-4 pages! I know it
sounds daunting…but if you want to get better results then
you’ve got to put in the work to give yourself DATA to analyze.


TradersNewsMedia Way: We’re using at least 3 different tracking
tools for the pages we’re using to help give us high level data to
determine the BEST pages, headlines, sign-up button locations,
number of bullets, etc etc…we’re ALL about data at

Your Way: Use a simple squeeze page creation tool that allows you
to create multiple A/B split tests. Unbounce, LeadPages, etc.


TradersNewsMedia Way: Analyze the data REALTIME…shift budget
towards the creatives that are doing the best…then SCALE!

Your Way: Set up a reminder for yourself as a daily (or weekly) task to
analyze the pages to determine the pages that are converting the best.

Drive more traffic to the winning pages!

I know not all of this is easy, or fast, or guaranteed…but neither is LIFE!

If you want to get more leads then you have to convert more clicks, it’s
as SIMPLE as that.

If you need advice or help, contact me:

If you want it DONE FOR YOU…contact me:


P.S. Next week we talk about the EASIEST PART OF GETTING MORE LEADS!!

HINT: C******

Boy…I’ve messed up…

It’s hard being a father, husband, missionary, affiliate manager, consultant,
and friend all at the same time…you know?

I’ve got John’s launch coming up (oh check out the NEW affiliate page), the
potential riots in the local township that affects our students directly, and
my wife due with our FIFTH KID!!! AHHHH

Talk about burning the candle at both ends…in TWO TIME ZONES!!

More like a Lion in Africa 😉

But recently I’ve caught wind of how all the things that I’m ‘being’ has led me
to treat people not as well as I should have.

First, my wife!! Thankfully when I’m out of line, she straightens me RIGHT up 🙂
But with all that’s been going on, she (even while pregnant) has been awesome
and has been patient with me. But I’ve let her down not being equally as awesome
so Aubree…I’m sorry.

Second, my kids…daddy should be playing more legos, reading more books, and
playing tea party… sorry guys! Once it’s warm here I’ll make sure we have daily
swimming contests, walks on the beach, and plenty of business lessons…I’ll tighten
up my daddy game ASAP!

Third, clients/affiliate partners/business friends. Guys…I’m sorry. When I’ve
been short, delivered messages poorly at times, or missed calls …

That’s 100% on me and I’m sorry.

I’ve tried to be very straightforward in communicating business arrangements.
Especially, should any of my communications seem to have been misleading,
I NEED to know immediately. Clarification is golden.

My intention is to have awesome, meaningful, profitable and collegial relationships
with as many people as I can and if I’ve committed one of the above mistakes
(or something else) please let me know so I can make amends.

Just like with my family, I need to know when I’m screwing up 🙂


Ok…one final thing

Do me a favor…if I’ve annoyed you, please let me know so we can make amends
move forward, and do some big business together!

If  you’ve got a deal you want to work…BRING IT ON!

Thanks so much for your help!


P.S. I’m serious about calling me out on how I can improve…let’s talk about it
and how we can be MUTUALLY successful!

4 Things “TO DO” during the holidays

Most other articles about this topic will point you towards
what NOT to do…that’s not me. That’s not my style.

Let’s keep it positive and ACTIONABLE!

First, keep the quality of your marketing up. During the
holidays people tend to sound desperate in their sales
pitches. They’ll force a reason to give a last ditch effort
to try to rake in sales. Preach quality to your audience!

Once you go desperate…it’s hard to go back J

Second, keep prices steady. Often the thought is to
discount the product for a ‘one time only deal’. It
works…in the short term. But what you’ve now done
is give people a reason to wait for a discount instead
of buying the product because it’s GOOD!

Prices stay where they are.

Third, be very, very careful about offering deals. The
BEST, and really, only way in my opinion, is to do something
exclusive and fresh. Spin off a part of a bigger product that
you can sell for less but only take X number of customers.

to come from a real place or customers will balk at it and
long term they might not come back.

Fourth, plan for 2013! I mean the season is slow so why
not sit down with your team, or by yourself, and set up
a calendar for next year. Give yourself plenty of time to
plan for a new event. Give yourself the ability to brain-
storm about the direction of the company…


“WHY do I do all this” you ask…

Because if you do all the above you’ll keep your reputation
HIGH. Instead of having to build up that high-quality, high-price
aura…keep it there!

Bolster inherent value of what you’re offering.

Value LONG term success and reputation over a quick cash
grab in the short term.

What else do YOU see that you should be doing over the
Holiday season?


P.S. Are you following along with the Emini Success Formula
launch I’m managing right now? Thoughts/insights/are you IN??

Why I Think Traders Are Buying

There are a LOT of smart guys and girls reading
my site right now…you’re reading it aren’t you?!
And I often reach out to my connections both in
our trading/investing niche, and outside to make
sure that I’m staying ahead of the trends…

Through these connections and relentless study
of trends, I believe I’ve figured out why traders
are buying again.

I’ve applied it to TradingConcepts and their
upcoming Emini Success Formula launch (which
you BETTER be promoting ;)), and their past OptionsMD
launch that did over 1.1 million in sales with 4,
yes FOUR, customer refunds…so I know what I’m
talking about here.

So listen up…

Two reasons really stick out to me.

First, the products are evolving to ensure better training
and a closer relationship with the customer.

Imagine that…caring about the customer!? It’s product
owners doing the right thing.

Second, customers are smarter!! 4 years ago money was
flowing, everyone was buying, and to heck with real
research on a product. Well times changed and customers
finally got their acts together.

‘Smarter customers’ doesn’t mean it’s harder to sell, it
means WE as marketers and product owners/creators
need to respect their knowledge and TEACH UP to
their level.

What do you think? Keep me connected and I’ll
keep you connected!


Are Traders Buying Again?

It’s really the question on EVERYONE’S mind…

And what’s funny is almost everyone I’ve talked to
has blamed it on the economy…

Partially true…but the recent success of the OptionsMD
launch (1.1 million in sales) shows that people
ARE BUYING! With my other clients, we’re seeing
the same thing… Traders ARE buying again!


They’re NOT buying the same old stuff, and they’re not
buying because of the same old marketing approach!

The difference is the work that needs to go INTO
each lead in order to convert them…and the product
ITSELF. It’s not exactly rocket science but it’s something
you need to evaluate on a deeper level.

I’ll dive a lot deeper into that in a later article.

What you CAN do (RIGHT NOW) is evaluate your product
and approach and ask yourself “is this REALLY what people want?”


P.S. What do you think? What are you seeing on your site?

P.P.S. More details to come in a later post 🙂