Proof of Life

Proof of Life

Proof of Life

My partner Brian, at Traders News Media, told me I need to ‘be out there more’…

I told him I would post an update today July 28th if he agreed to do a public speaking gig with me at some point ????! So let’s hold Brian to it!!! (Contact me to get to Brian lol)

Family Update:

Aubree and the kids (all 6 of them) are doing well. School, skateboarding, surfing, and being grateful that they have plenty of siblings to keep them entertained!

We’ve got a homeschool and ‘work from home’ lifestyle that has given us a great foundation during a time when lots of other families are struggling to make a solid plan.

With 12 years experience homeschooling my wife keeps amazing me with these genius children! 

If you have any questions about homeschooling or working from home just ask as I’m happy to share what’s worked for us…and what’s not!

Business Update:

Despite global chaos, our creative and advertising clients are generating more interest, more leads, and more sales! We’re blessed with great clients who allow us to customize campaigns that can grow their company.

We’re delivering more email clicks as our lists grow and our engagement on those lists increases. Our clients are receiving and converting more leads from our external media buying plans and strategies. 

Quietly we’ve been building up our creative skills. Copywriting for funnels, advertorials, and ebooks continues to improve as USER engagement increases! If people are spending more time on our advertorials, then they’re learning more about our clients and engaging better…and the client results speak for themselves! 

We have a team that continues to amaze me as pivots are needed and speed is required. Being 100% remote work has given us an advantage along with people who are always professional and focused on providing the best quality of service for our clients.

We can help you get more leads, more engagement on your website, and massive attention to a new project or campaign. 

Please reach out if you’d like to run a test buy on our lists, or review our creatives to see if we could help you with your next campaign!

OK…back to lurking and working.


P.S. Thanks for those wishing happy birthday in the comments! 

Part 2: Getting More Leads in 3 Simple Steps

Last week we covered the first C in my famous (self declared): Getting More Leads in 3 Simple Steps

It was…Create.

Now I want to dive in the 2nd C and THE HARDEST!


You might be thinking “Brad what does CONVERT, have to
do with getting more leads??”

I’m glad you asked…because it has everything to do with it.

If you’re not converting, and improving your conversions then
you’re WASTING clicks and not getting the leads you DESERVE!

Let’s do some math…(to my past math teachers, you’re right I’m using math!)

Scenario 1: You’ve run a decent Google Ad campaign and were able to
generate exactly 1000 clicks…NICE JOB! Now, of those 1000
clicks 250 people sign-up for your ‘thing’. Nice job…

Those 1000 clicks cost you, let’s say 3.00 bucks a click so
you spend $3,000.00 on 250 new leads at a cost of $12.00
per lead.

Scenario 2: Same clicks as above, 1000, but this time you
focused on the ‘convert’ and were able to get 400 new leads
at a NEW cost of $7.50 per lead!!

Not only did you save money by improving your conversions

You’re thinking exactly what I was thinking years ago…

“Yeah I want to convert MORE… but HOW!?!”

Honestly it’s taken me YEARS to not figure it out 100%,
but to hack the process, and shorten time to positive ROI.
That’s what we’re after…positive ROI.

The how is what I want to show you today…
(unfortunately you WILL have to do some work unless you hire THESE GUYS)

Here are the steps that I would recommend on how to


As in my previous article I’ll share with you how Brian
and I do it for clients via, and
then I’ll give you a tip on how to do it yourself…ready?


TradersNewsMedia Way: Brian and I are creating dozens of pages for
dozens of products a MONTH…and we do it quickly because
it’s what allows us to get the best results for our clients.

We knuckle down and typically create 3-5 pages in a DAY!

We use a multiple platforms to give us the widest range of
page creative samples to give us the latest analysis of what’s
CURRENTLY working in our space.

Your Way: Knuckle down and create 2-4 pages! I know it
sounds daunting…but if you want to get better results then
you’ve got to put in the work to give yourself DATA to analyze.


TradersNewsMedia Way: We’re using at least 3 different tracking
tools for the pages we’re using to help give us high level data to
determine the BEST pages, headlines, sign-up button locations,
number of bullets, etc etc…we’re ALL about data at

Your Way: Use a simple squeeze page creation tool that allows you
to create multiple A/B split tests. Unbounce, LeadPages, etc.


TradersNewsMedia Way: Analyze the data REALTIME…shift budget
towards the creatives that are doing the best…then SCALE!

Your Way: Set up a reminder for yourself as a daily (or weekly) task to
analyze the pages to determine the pages that are converting the best.

Drive more traffic to the winning pages!

I know not all of this is easy, or fast, or guaranteed…but neither is LIFE!

If you want to get more leads then you have to convert more clicks, it’s
as SIMPLE as that.

If you need advice or help, contact me:

If you want it DONE FOR YOU…contact me:


P.S. Next week we talk about the EASIEST PART OF GETTING MORE LEADS!!

HINT: C******

Affiliate Manager – What Makes a GREAT One?

What Makes a GREAT Affiliate Manager?

Being a great affiliate manager is a question I get on a weekly basis…and I’m PRETTY sure I’ve discussed it before privately, but never on a public forum like this.

Affiliate Manager


If you want to have a GREAT affiliate program you need to have a GREAT affiliate manager. And not everyone you know, or have heard about, falls into the ‘great’ category. Some are just lucky 🙂

Here are the things that I think every great affiliate manager needs to have or be…

1. Relentless Networker

You need someone who knows EVERYONE! And not just everyone…everyone who knows EVERYONE.

Your affiliate program will never be successful unless the person you hire to run your affiliate program is connected with everyone and has the relationships to turn those connections into leads and sales for your program.

They know everyone, but also know how to WORK WITH everyone. Now, some deals just cannot be made, and that’s life. But being able to compromise and improvise in order to drive leads and sales is part of what a great networker can do.

Trying to train someone NEW to run your affiliate program is doable (Nathan T is a great exception to the rule), but if you want to jump start it and get it rocking …you need someone with experience.


Man this is a big one.

Affiliate marketers are smart…and by smart I mean VERY smart. I can’t count how many affiliate managers have fallen by the way side because they weren’t truthful in their dealing with affiliates.

They ‘fudged’ the numbers…made excuses on why leads were disappearing…disregard refund numbers…etc etc.

I know several affiliate managers who are still employed but NO ONE trusts them.

How do their affiliate programs do? Meh…but no one respects them and everyone only sends because of a recip…and once that recip dries up, they’re done.

So you need to have an HONEST affiliate manager who will be your public voice to your marketers. If things are great, tell them.

If they’re bad…TELL THEM! Honesty goes a long way.


This seems like an obvious one. Your affiliate manager needs to be present to be great…well DUH!

By present I mean always working the phones, emails, Skype, etc etc…EVEN WHEN A LAUNCH ISN’T HAPPENING!

And they need to be 100% accessible and respondent during a launch and AFTER a launch.

So many affiliate managers are MIA to affiliates not in the top 10 during launches…so much so that those affiliates never return, or worse, tell others how they were treated.

When ANY affiliate emails/skypes/calls a GREAT affiliate manager, that affiliate manager is getting back to them ASAP!

Present AFTER a launch…that’s a big one. If a launch goes bad a lot of affiliate managers just kinda slink away…no more daily emails…no post launch updates…just DEAFENING SILENCE!

Great affiliate managers talk to ALL affiliates 🙂

Those are a few of the KEY factors in a great affiliate manager…



P.S. Another factor is a GREAT product and conversion process
from the company they work for. No one can successfully run
an affiliate program when the product is junk and the conversions
are bad…

So really, GREAT affiliate managers require commitment from the
company they serve 🙂

P.P.S. A great affiliate manager CONTROLS THE MESSAGE!

Is South Africa Primed for IM Takeover??


As you know, or should know, my family and I are currently in Fish Hoek, South Africa visiting friends, exploring the country, and recharging the batteries.

Check out our adventures HERE

Along with traveling around South Africa, enjoying incredible views, crazy fresh food, and soaking up the sun, my interest was piqued by the chance to apply some tried and true IM marketing to the local scene…

Now clearly…internet marketing is MUCH different than back in the States.

I know I know…

“No kidding Brad…it’s Africa!”

Which is true, but SOUTH AFRICA is actually pretty modern. You have to remember Africa is HUGE and South Africa enjoys the fruits of tourism which has led to it’s advanced status compared to the rest of Africa.

So is the BEAUTIFUL South Africa primed for IM takeover?


My first gut reaction is for a newsletter type offering that’s sold via the famous agora style. Content might cover…style …beach updates…job openings…taxi forum…social change type…but nothing trading/investing.

The volume on something like that will be appealing to the masses…and the masses don’t have much money 🙁

But with labor being so cheap and readily available, selling physical products (with labor delivery services) there might be the same (or BETTER) margins…

I’ll need a few more months of research to really nail down my topic to start testing…so we’ll be staying on the beach until US Summer 🙂 (I WISH)

All that being said… here are important things to consider:

First, there’s a HUGE wealth gap here.

There’s the upper class and the lower class. Not much middle. Now, both classes have ‘buyers’ in them, but clearly (from my observations) the lower class probably isn’t in the market for a $497 John Carter Options Class… sorry John 😉

But they ARE buying and searching the internet, just like upper class. So money CAN be made there…

Second, the internet is pretty strong here.

Mobile data is pretty expensive, but almost ALL shops/restaurants have wifi, and EVERYONE is using it, and 95% are using it via their phones.

Now…based on me awkwardly asking people and watching, most web browsing is done on MOBILE. Everyone has smart phones and only the upperclass actually have laptops/desktops from which they browse the web from home.

So whatever is sold needs to be 100000% mobile friendly in terms of visual appeal…AND data drain.

Third, the mail/delivery services here are ‘ok’.

As much as we trash the United Postal Service, they do a better job then SA…BUT SA has MUCH cheaper labor for delivery. So companies that have sold physical products just kinda create their own shipping companies!

They start out local, then expand to next large town, then expand, etc etc.

Labor is the low priced commodity here, so whatever is done if you consider labor, consider it to be pennies on the dollar as to what you’d spend in the States.

Oh yeah…PEOPLE WANT TO WORK! It doesn’t matter what the job is…they WANT TO WORK!

So what angle would you take?

Physical sales utilizing cheap labor…

or…mobile web focused LOW PRICED newsletters/memberships?

I’ll be running John’s Launch (STARTING THURSDAY) from here, so expect early morning/evening emails from me 🙂

His topic will focus on the options patterns that CONSISTENTLY work…and what SITUATION they work in!

It’ll be huge as it’s EXACTLY what our customers are asking for: “Tell me what works, tell me when to use it”


P.S. Are you able to join John’s affiliate program and get a
few marketing promotions out to your list??


FREE Sign-up: Join John’s Partnership Program HERE

CPC…the only way to rent email lists

 <img src="newsletter1.gif" alt="CPC">

You want to know why I ONLY rent
email lists now a days…CPC ONLY!

You know why?

Because CPM is a JOKE in emails.

**Spoiler Alert**

If someone won’t rent their list on a CPC…


It’s the same excuse that you’ve probably
heard 109 times…

“Well it really depends on the creative
and the subject line…blah blah”

I’m tired of it, and I want you to know that
if you rent email lists…DEMAND CPC!

By now you should know your ROI on clicks
and leads. ONLY paying for clicks is the best
way to ensure that you’re ONLY paying for traffic…

Not the sizzle that’s often sold by those in our biz.

So demand CPC…embrace the CPC…and have
an AWESOME weekend!

That’s all 🙂