Why This Client Makes BANK (and how you can STEAL it from them!)

There are people and companies in EVERY industry that set the bar
for the ‘rest of us.’

They’re the ones leading the pack: Great Products, Guru Creditably,
List Responsiveness, Product Sales and that money thing 😉

In all my years, and all the companies I’ve worked with, I know
when a company hits all the right marks…and WHY THEY DO!

First, let me introduce you to my client before I tell you
what they’re doing, and HOW YOU CAN STEAL FROM THEM:

Rockwell Trading are Day Trading Experts…PERIOD!

I’m sure many of my readers are familiar with them, but if you’re not, just
click above and read their “About” sections. What you’re really looking for
is me to give you a behind the scenes look…WISH GRANTED!

I’ve known Markus, Rollie, and Mark for a number of years and in all my dealings
(both before I came on board, and since) they strive to do the right thing by
all parties involved in whatever deal they were doing.

After I came on board I was allowed a little peek behind the curtain and, without
disclosing too much, there are two things that stuck out to me as things YOU
should implement in your business:

1. Customer service and RETENTION is unmatched anywhere…period.

For affiliate partners this is an amazing unknown aspect of working with Rockwell.
They have phone staff that actually KNOW trading, are not all about the hard close,
and get this…

ANYONE can ask Markus questions…AND GET A RESPONSE! He makes himself
open and available to paying and not paying customers. How often do you see
a company gain success, and the person behind the success goes ‘off the map’?
I’ve seen it several times, and each time I notice it, that company is heading
downward shortly there after.

Having direct access to Markus leads to massive sales figures, client retention,
and my 2nd point:

2. They have one of the most active and responsive lists I’ve ever seen!

If they’re on the list, they’re treated like high net worth clients…it’s uncanny. A simple
email for an affiliate partner can generate thousands (3k+) of clicks for an offer that
Markus says is a good one. His list is half as big as others in the biz, but crushes numbers
and if the product is good, they buy. Like the pied piper of day traders!

This uncanny ability to connect leads to great sales numbers for affiliates and leads
over the long term.

So personalize yourself with your list. If you’re the expert, be the expert who relates,
leads, and gives them confidence in what you do and who you are!

Markus Heitkoeter is the main man, and the focus is day-trading. Doesn’t matter if
it’s stocks, futures, or forex these guys rule it.

So how can you try to be a ‘bar setter’?

1. If you’re selling a product try to focus on customer service, and personal
interaction with customers. In this economy, it’s clearly harder to sell, and people are looking
for a long term relationship when they buy something…try to give them that.

2. Give a crap about your list! Sign-up for Markus’s eBook (below) and see
how he communicates, what he shares with them, and try to provide the
same level of respect and class that he does.

RockwellTrading is a client and we’re having massive success with email
swaps, and affiliate partners. We consider ALL email swaps and affiliate deals
so email me directly if you’d like to have Markus send 3k clicks your way 😉

Our sales funnel starts with our Ebook giveaway. Affiliates are averaging 76%
click to lead, and 3% lead to sale on our $197, 597, 197, and 97 dollar offers
over the first 3 weeks!

Becoming an affiliate is the ONLY WAY we will consider cross promos and swaps

If you have questions about what ELSE we do to set the bar, simply ask in the comment
section below for a PUBLIC AND REVEALING answer…nothing off limits, so fire away!


P.S. Any experience (good or bad I WILL publish) with Rockwell, please share in the comments!