Struggling with FB Ads? You’re not alone!

Struggling with FB Ads? You’re not alone!

This week I had a great conversation with a group that, in my eyes, is ROCKING!

Their funnels are great, they have awesome products, and they’re actually helping traders.

But the conversation wasn’t all good as they shared with me a PAINFUL stat:

$55,461.00 spent on Facebook

$4,200.00 in sales.

Now, they’re generating a TON of organic traffic and leads, as well as YouTube where they’re getting ROI’s that allow them to continue to invest DAILY in those channels.

But they’ve tried everything to make Facebook work as they know that it’s a source with massive potential.

They told me how they tried running campaigns internally…with little success…and have outsourced their FB ads to 3 different agencies…with NO success. After chatting for a while, I shared with them a couple secrets that I’ll share with you now.

First, if their funnels and offers are converting on OTHER ad channels, then that’s not necessarily their problem. They have the EPC/EPL data to show they’re making positive ROI on all other advertising channels, but Facebook keeps missing.

As my friend Justin Brook has taught me: analyze the data and path the prospect. This company IS pathing well…but the data from their FB campaigns is showing failure.

I recommended that they test multiple funnels and squeeze pages, as well as price points on their Facebook traffic to see if that moves the needle. Often it’s just messaging and pricing that could make a difference.

But I told them, quite frankly, that this would only make minimum impact on their bottom line. Their BIGGEST issue lies elsewhere.

Here it is: If they have funnels and offers that are converting on other channels…why not Facebook? Simple: it’s the AUDIENCE!

Ads are being shown to an unqualified, unengaged, and downright crappy audience! They tried all the ‘tricks’ suggested by the agencies, but still kept coming up short.

They might have gotten more clicks…but those clicks never materialized into results.

This is one thing we at TradersNewsMedia learned…it’s ALL ABOUT THE AUDIENCE!!

If our clients have decent funnels, we can find their buying audience for them…but it’s taken YEARS, literally millions of dollars, and LOTS of headaches to build the best trading audiences.

So here’s the takeaway for YOU:

Facebook is a channel that we’ve mastered for the trading niche and our clients results speak for themselves (Click here to read our CLIENT REVIEWS).

We do not work with dozens of clients…so if you don’t have a goal to SCALE, AND know your conversions please just continue to read my articles and apply what you can.


If you want to SCALE into Facebook, know your numbers, and want to prep for a HUGE Fall then contact today:

To everyone else…HAVE A GREAT DAY!


My Take: Top 6 ROI Traffic Sources

The other day I met a lady from South Africa whose husband has his own business and wants to really ramp up their internet marketing.

We got to chatting and she, like MANY OTHERS, really don’t know what they need to focus their marketing budget in regard to TRAFFIC. She spoke of ‘a big social media presence’ and the need for ‘great content marketing strategy’, etc etc…like a flurry of buzz words that she knew were important, but didn’t know how to put together. It’s like me talking about brain surgery… dangerous!!

But it’s not her fault. Not at all! In fact it was awesome to chat with her and have her realize ‘this is bigger than we thought’ and a genuine openness to hearing about the proper way to do it!

So it got me thinking about YOU…and what YOUR marketing plans are to generate traffic. Where you’re spending time, budget, brain power, etc etc…

Let’s assume for, assumption sake, that you’re producing good content, your sales pages convert well, your squeeze pages are capturing leads, and your funnel is CONVERTING! (if you’re missing a piece and need help, just ask – it’s what I’m here for)

If you want the most bang for your buck here’s the general traffic methods/sources I recommend you focus on from least to most important and quickest ROI.


6.  Display: Doing media buys for display is a GREAT way to get your brand out there and if you’ve got a lot of other avenues driving interest, you can generate a decent amount of clicks. But overall

5.  Advertorial/Native: This is a GREAT way to get clicks for cheap…and a LOT of them. The challenge is really FILTERING those clicks into your niche. You have to write general copy to get approved, and on top of that you’ll be getting a VERY high level of tire clickers (oh I just made that up!!) who have no interest in your offer AFTER then click thru.

4.  Co-Reg: Co-reg is co-registration where a lead is presented with several additional offers/bonuses and the lead can choose yours. You split the lead with the other offers the person has selected, but you also split the cost. You’ll get more targeted traffic here, but again, you’re splitting the lead with others and you will have to filter out all those tire clickers (the more I use it, the more I like it ;)).

  1. Facebook: If you have the audiences built out…look out! You can hyper target a niche group and their friends to focus your offer to their needs/wants. Challenge is getting and STAYING approved. Facebook needs a Google Ad type term when they give people the “Google Slap”…maybe “The Facebook Teeth Kick” 🙂

But if you can stay in their good graces, keep your content flowing in addition to a high converting offer…you can really scale via Facebook.

  1. Google Display: The old standby…but be WARNED: in the financial space you’ll be competing with everyone who has big budgets to pay high dollar for ‘buyer terms’.  HOWEVER, this is a great and scalable place if you can get it working. Our typical move is to create at LEAST 5 different ads, test each with a small budget, pick the 3 winners based on conversions, up the budget, review numbers, scale scale scale!!!

But it’s a process.

And frankly you’ve got to have a LOT of experience with Google to make it work.

  1. Email list rentals: I prefer the PERFORMANCE model (CPC/CPL) to ensure that you’re hitting your targets in terms of ROI, but if you want access to the most hyper focused group of people in your niche…email list rentals are the way to go!

Without question it’s the BEST place to buy traffic no matter your niche! If you’re selling an options product there are lists for that, if it’s solar energy…lists for that…etc etc etc.

Now is when I need your feedback!!

So what did I miss? Or do you need HELP with any of the above??

The comment section is OPEN and my email is always brad @

I’d love to schedule a call, chat about your plans, and see if I can help you grow your business!


CPC…the only way to rent email lists

 <img src="newsletter1.gif" alt="CPC">

You want to know why I ONLY rent
email lists now a days…CPC ONLY!

You know why?

Because CPM is a JOKE in emails.

**Spoiler Alert**

If someone won’t rent their list on a CPC…


It’s the same excuse that you’ve probably
heard 109 times…

“Well it really depends on the creative
and the subject line…blah blah”

I’m tired of it, and I want you to know that
if you rent email lists…DEMAND CPC!

By now you should know your ROI on clicks
and leads. ONLY paying for clicks is the best
way to ensure that you’re ONLY paying for traffic…

Not the sizzle that’s often sold by those in our biz.

So demand CPC…embrace the CPC…and have
an AWESOME weekend!

That’s all 🙂