Discussion: Selling In Times Of Trouble…

Markets tanked yesterday bigtime and something that hasn’t been seen in
my marketing career since 2008.

I remember a lot about that time, especially how others, not just in the financial
niche, reacted to it. Some people took the  fear approach to sell their product
as the only savior in times of trouble, some didn’t bat an eye and kept on selling
just as they always had, while others took a more hunker down and teach approach.

So this time around the question becomes;

How do we (as product/subscription) sellers react?

Do we push that fear of the coming financial Apocalypse only to show that WE
have the only flying chariot that can save them?

Do we ignore the world around us, stick to what’s worked in the past, and keep pushing forward?

Do we focus on teaching, educating, and informing while products sell organically?

I’d like to hear from you on this one.

I’ve been around long enough to see how each one of the above scenerios played out
over the long term, but think it’d be good to get people talking and discussing the different
approaches they should take!

So comment away and check back often as I’ll be responding to each and every comment!