CPC…the only way to rent email lists

 <img src="newsletter1.gif" alt="CPC">

You want to know why I ONLY rent
email lists now a days…CPC ONLY!

You know why?

Because CPM is a JOKE in emails.

**Spoiler Alert**

If someone won’t rent their list on a CPC…


It’s the same excuse that you’ve probably
heard 109 times…

“Well it really depends on the creative
and the subject line…blah blah”

I’m tired of it, and I want you to know that
if you rent email lists…DEMAND CPC!

By now you should know your ROI on clicks
and leads. ONLY paying for clicks is the best
way to ensure that you’re ONLY paying for traffic…

Not the sizzle that’s often sold by those in our biz.

So demand CPC…embrace the CPC…and have
an AWESOME weekend!

That’s all 🙂