Consume this interview!

I was honored to be asked by Adrian Jones of Old Tree Publishing for an interview…and of COURSE I said YES!

I go over a few spiking trends and where the FUTURE trading/investing prosepcts will be…and how we can sell to them.

Please enjoy!


P.S. Welcome all new readers! Please read the blog, ask ANY question you want, and let’s rock it!

P.P.S. Worst picture ever??

Full neck beard: Check… Disheveled Hair: Check…Only thing missing is an old tee-shirt…oh wait THERE IT IS!! HAHA!

Recent Interview!!

I had the GREAT pleasure of chatting with Tim Bourquin from about some affiliate marketing, launch stuff, and just our industry as a whole. We discussed what the future might hold and I go into a topic that I’m very passionate about…


It’s a quick interview but LOADED with good snippets…and I’d really appreciate your feedback. Also, if you’re not an affiliate of Tim’s, get that corrected and start promoting for him HERE.