Part 2: Getting More Leads in 3 Simple Steps

Last week we covered the first C in my famous (self declared): Getting More Leads in 3 Simple Steps

It was…Create.

Now I want to dive in the 2nd C and THE HARDEST!


You might be thinking “Brad what does CONVERT, have to
do with getting more leads??”

I’m glad you asked…because it has everything to do with it.

If you’re not converting, and improving your conversions then
you’re WASTING clicks and not getting the leads you DESERVE!

Let’s do some math…(to my past math teachers, you’re right I’m using math!)

Scenario 1: You’ve run a decent Google Ad campaign and were able to
generate exactly 1000 clicks…NICE JOB! Now, of those 1000
clicks 250 people sign-up for your ‘thing’. Nice job…

Those 1000 clicks cost you, let’s say 3.00 bucks a click so
you spend $3,000.00 on 250 new leads at a cost of $12.00
per lead.

Scenario 2: Same clicks as above, 1000, but this time you
focused on the ‘convert’ and were able to get 400 new leads
at a NEW cost of $7.50 per lead!!

Not only did you save money by improving your conversions

You’re thinking exactly what I was thinking years ago…

“Yeah I want to convert MORE… but HOW!?!”

Honestly it’s taken me YEARS to not figure it out 100%,
but to hack the process, and shorten time to positive ROI.
That’s what we’re after…positive ROI.

The how is what I want to show you today…
(unfortunately you WILL have to do some work unless you hire THESE GUYS)

Here are the steps that I would recommend on how to


As in my previous article I’ll share with you how Brian
and I do it for clients via, and
then I’ll give you a tip on how to do it yourself…ready?


TradersNewsMedia Way: Brian and I are creating dozens of pages for
dozens of products a MONTH…and we do it quickly because
it’s what allows us to get the best results for our clients.

We knuckle down and typically create 3-5 pages in a DAY!

We use a multiple platforms to give us the widest range of
page creative samples to give us the latest analysis of what’s
CURRENTLY working in our space.

Your Way: Knuckle down and create 2-4 pages! I know it
sounds daunting…but if you want to get better results then
you’ve got to put in the work to give yourself DATA to analyze.


TradersNewsMedia Way: We’re using at least 3 different tracking
tools for the pages we’re using to help give us high level data to
determine the BEST pages, headlines, sign-up button locations,
number of bullets, etc etc…we’re ALL about data at

Your Way: Use a simple squeeze page creation tool that allows you
to create multiple A/B split tests. Unbounce, LeadPages, etc.


TradersNewsMedia Way: Analyze the data REALTIME…shift budget
towards the creatives that are doing the best…then SCALE!

Your Way: Set up a reminder for yourself as a daily (or weekly) task to
analyze the pages to determine the pages that are converting the best.

Drive more traffic to the winning pages!

I know not all of this is easy, or fast, or guaranteed…but neither is LIFE!

If you want to get more leads then you have to convert more clicks, it’s
as SIMPLE as that.

If you need advice or help, contact me:

If you want it DONE FOR YOU…contact me:


P.S. Next week we talk about the EASIEST PART OF GETTING MORE LEADS!!

HINT: C******

My ONE Key to Online Business Success

This week I spoke with 3 ‘newbies’ who either have sites or want to start. One was in the trading niche, one in motion graphics, and one group not quite sure which direction to go.

They all had passion, desire, and the guts to pull off a successful online business. They knew a little about online business, marketing, and what hard work it would be. They had purchased courses, researched ‘gurus’, and asked about specific classes or courses that could help them get started.

Truth time…they’re ALL missing the ONE key to online business success…ready?

In my 10 years of online marketing and business I have learned one thing for certain: There is no class, ebook, video, or webinar you can consume to give you the best ways to move forward towards success quickly and effectively!

NOTHING can substitute experience…EVER.

It’s the one thing you cannot buy. It’s the one thing that cannot be taught. It’s the ONE thing that separates the successful businesses from the struggling or FAILED ones.

Here’s WHY that experience is crucial:

On our calls, my advice and insight for each one was TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!

Sure there are some aspects that can cover any industry, but OVERALL what companies/people need in order to be successful is a proper MENTOR. Some needed general guidance on where to start, one needed focusing on which market they should target, and another was guided OUT of a newsletter idea and into something more up their ‘alley.’ Each piece of advice was solid, but DIFFERENT based on what and where each was in their process.

That’s what a good mentor does…analyze WHERE they are, and where they SHOULD go.

A good mentor is..

Someone who’s been there…done that.

Someone who’s experienced FAR more than they have.

Someone who’s failed…and SUCCEEDED after failure.

That’s a mentor, and THAT is what people need.

You can have mentors for specific areas in your business (marketing, trading, graphics, etc), but overall if you want to succeed you need to have someone who can help guide you through all aspects of business growth and development in order to avoid potholes and aim towards success.

It’s true in life, and it’s true in business…

That mentor can be a parent, uncle, or a 80-year-old former IBM exec who took time to be a sounding board for me during early business stages.

So what are your goals? Where are you aiming? And WHO could be a mentor to you?

Let it sink in, get humble and ask for help, and then grow your business the RIGHT way.

I’ve mentored a ton of businesses over the years. Many have asked for my help, and most of them I turn away – because I’m not the right fit for their business. But maybe I’m a good fit for your business? I won’t know (and you won’t) until you ask.

Can I help your business? No matter what industry, no matter what experience level… Let’s find out!

Start a conversation with me here…


P.S. This morning in devotions at LivingHope, the history of Solomon’s son was discussed and if you read it…HERE ;)…then you’ll see that he had an opportunity to heed WISE advice to continue the success of his kingdom…and I think it applies to this. So if you have a few min, check it out!

The ONE Thing Trading Education Companies Are NOT Investing In….

So Many Trading/Investing Companies fall on their own swords!

You trade (or teach trading)….but do you INVEST?

Not the normal investing one’s used to discussing
in the financial niche with bonds, ETF’s, etc., etc…

I’m talking about investing in your marketing!!

In this article I’ll show you WHY…and WHERE to
focus your investment. Sound like a plan?


First, I GUARANTEE you’re not investing enough…
and if you want your business to GROW, you
need to invest MORE.
More money, more time, more patience!!

Here’s why.

This week, I had a great chat with a guy who has a
TON invested in his marketing and it’s paid off for
him CONSISTENTLY for the past 5+ years!

We BOTH learned the value of investing in copywriters,
product development, funnels, email client, merchant
account, optimization and MORE first hand.

Seeing early on that no matter how good the product is,
you need to be able to MARKET it in order to grow.

As our conversation rolled on, we talked life, advertising,
affiliates, and then landed on marketing and how most
people he and I talk to invest NOTHING in their marketing.

We’re not talking about investing in ADVERTISING…
please understand these are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!

Advertising brings the traffic…

Marketing CONVERTS the traffic…make sense?

We shared stories of people/companies ‘loving’ their product
so much they actually used the words “it’s so good it’ll sell itself!”
Good gracious…needless to say, that product did NOT sell itself 😉

It got me thinking of the people I’ve chatted with who want to
‘give it a go’ on their own. Fine I say…let me know how your
house wiring goes when you ‘give it a go’ on your own as well 😉

So the real question is…WHY!?!?!

Why…why should you invest in your marketing?

2 reasons (with probably another 324 that I can think of)

1. The realm of marketing success changes daily!

What’s working changes month to month, and if you want
to WIN, you need to play it long term by reevaluating tech,
analyzing funnels, and sometimes listening to those who
are doing marketing BETTER than you 🙂

This all takes one CRUCIAL thing…TIME!

In order to be able to adapt quickly – to determine whether to
adjust or stay the course – you need to be in marketing mode daily,
analyzing the data DAILY.  If you cannot do that, or don’t have someone
that CAN, then you should look to invest in HELP in that area ASAP.

2. Businesses that do not invest in marketing top out EARLY.

If you want your business to continue to GROW, it’s not about
coming up with new products every 2 months, it’s about investing
the money into marketing to GROW. If you can’t maximize, adapt,
and improve your funnels/processes as well, then you’ll hit a point
where you will go NO higher… that’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.
I see it FIRST HAND, upfront and personally, at least once a week,
every single week of the year!!

One company that comes to mind had a TON of success years back…
rested on their laurels and stuck their head in the sand about changes…
and are now in a REALLY tough spot.
People leaving, sales dropping…not great 🙁

OK, so you’re STARTING to realize you might be the company
above…WHAT DO YOU DO?!

You need to take a step back, analyze yourself HONESTLY, and
focus your time/resources in these TWO places:

1. Quality People.

Your neighbor’s kid whom you’ve met once, but has a lot of followers
on Facebook is NOT qualified 🙂 He’s cheap…but, just like the guy
paying .05 cents for leads, you get what you pay for!

Want to advance your funky tee shirt sales? HIRE HIM!

Want to ACTUALLY grow your business, find QUALITY people.

You’ll have to spend money on quality as quality is experience,
and that’s not cheap.

But it’s money well spent…whether on an external consultant like
ME, or someone hired within, or both…INVEST!

2. Tracking/Data

Always has been, always will be…it’s called Marketing!
Qualify target, communicate, track, adjust, sell – results, REPEAT.

You need proper tech to be able to TRACK everything.

Your CRM (infusionsoft, active campaign, ontraport, etc.)

Your clicks (

Your leads (CRM/, etc., etc.)

Your squeeze pages (unbounce, lead pages, etc.)

Your funnel (infusionsoft, active campaign, etc.)

You get the point 🙂

Either YOU need to focus on this 100% or find someone
or a company that DOES.

It’s the BEST BEST BEST way to quickly see what’s working,
what’s not, and what can be done to FIX it so you’re making
MORE money.

Because that’s the goal right?

You’ve got to invest in becoming a professional company
to make MONEY like one!!

What are your thoughts?

Am I on the right track?

Missing tech stuff?

Missing points?



5 Email Marketing Myths People Still Think Are True (Guest Post)

Good morning!

Starting TODAY I’m going to invite those who really bring knowledge,
integrity, and skill to ‘guest post’ on the site with two things in mind…

1. That you enjoy their article, interact with them in the comments,
and apply the material to your own business/marketing.

2. That you sign-up for/do/take action with whatever they’re doing 🙂

Today, we have the world famous Tim Bourquin! If you don’t know Tim,
you’ve never been to a Money Show/Traders Expo, you’ve never been
properly interviewed, and you are probably missing out on a TON of
(what I call) instant lead gen ROI with his

But he’s got a TON of knowledge and after you read the article, talk to
him about where your new leads are instantly
monetized…OK onto the article!


I’ve been doing email marketing in a variety of industries for 15 years now and tested every part of the email structure – everything from the “from” address to the unsubscribe link position and everything in between. I still don’t feel like an “expert” though, because there always seems to be just one more thing to test and evaluate.

In the beginning, I made changes and test things strictly from gut feel. If I thought something would work better, I’d just try it out and if it seemed like it resulted in more sales, it must have worked! That actually worked pretty well, but occasionally a hunch didn’t work out, but I had no hard data to really see what was going on with my email marketing.

Today even the least expensive email marketing services offer stats like click rate, open rate, and unsubscribe rate. There’s no excuse not to see exactly what is happening with each email you send and easily judge its success against previous or future emails you send to your list.

And yet I am constantly hearing email marketing “experts” say things that simply aren’t true about subject lines, from addresses and email body content. These things may have been true at some point years ago, but our testing at After Offers simply doesn’t prove them true anymore. These folks are either regurgitating old ideas because they aren’t in the email game anymore, or they just don’t realize that the old tired “truths” of email marketing have changed – and they can’t understand whey their open rates have plummeted.

So here are 5 email marketing ideas that are still being sold as truth – and are actually FALSE!

1. You should “line break” the body of your email every 4-5 words

FALSE. When was the last time you received an email from a friend or co-worker that had a line break every few words? Nothing screams, “I’M A MARKETING MESSAGE IN YOUR INBOX!” than an email that starts a new line every few words.

I’m not entirely sure where this started in the first place. I think early in the mobile days the phone browsers didn’t handle regular email well and they forced users to constantly scroll to the right to read your email on their mobile device. These days obviously mobile device browsers are smarter than that and will use the full screen to naturally line break your emails.

We’ve tested this dozens of times and emails that have natural line breaks wherever the browser puts them get higher click-rates than forced, short line emails. My guess is that it’s done so often by email marketers that people instantly recognize it as a newsletter and immediately tune out or go to their next email.

We even ignore the template areas in email marketing services that allow you to format your email for shorter lines. It just isn’t necessary anymore and it’s actually hurting your clicks and sales. You don’t write your regular emails to friends and colleagues so don’t do it on your newsletters either.

2. Email is the best place to describe the content or product.

FALSE. Your email message has one, singular, all-encompassing, nothing-else-matters, job: getting the recipient to click on the link. If you need four paragraphs to explain why the recipient should click on the link, you’re doing it wrong, and missing out on a huge number of clicks that you could be getting.

We all know that people have zero patience these days. I personally have -4 patience. Email is a notification tool – not a sales tool. Check that: you are selling something in the email – you’re selling the recipient on clicking the link. You are not selling the content or product itself.

We’re marketers – not information newsletter senders. If you’re sending a true newsletter – the job of that email is to include all the pertinent information in the email itself. But that’s not what we’re doing as email marketers.

Our testing has shown that the link in your email should be the second line of the email and no later than the third line of the email. This does two things:

1) Forces you to get to the damn point of why they should click and to be efficient with your wording you use

2) Trains your recipients that whenever they get an email from you, you want them to do one thing and one thing only: click on that link.

It takes practice to use fewer words than more, but it’s definitely something anyone can learn to do well. Now, I’m not talking about the lazy email marketer’s sick and twisted idea of this. We’ve all seen it:

You gotta see this!

[link to video content]

Shame, on you, lazy email marketer. That may work once – and only once. After that one time, you’ve used up your magic “click this link” potion and you’re going to need to put more work into your first two lines.

What I have seen work, when you absolutely, positively can’t convince the recipient why they should click on the link in one or two sentences, is something like this:

This morning I came across something that truly surprised me. I’ve seen this before but I never stopped to think about it until I saw it presented this way.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the link: [link to content]

What struck me about this was, blah, blah, blah longer explanation of why they should click the link…

You can use the “if you’re in a hurry” tactic a lot – in fact it trains your recipients that all they really need to do is find that line and click the link immediately – once you’ve convinced them that the links you send are worth clicking!

Lately the email marketing trend has been to have longer emails with the link near the very bottom of the message. If that’s actually testing well and showing those marketers better click-through then it goes against every test I’ve ever done. Nothing is absolute – maybe those emails are for the “People Who Want To Read Long Emails” newsletter, but I bet it’s just because that’s what everyone else seems to be doing and no one is really testing it.

3. A nicely formatted html email newsletter with images is best

FALSE. When was the last time you got an email from a friend or co-worker that had a nice header image at the top along with nicely formatted graphical borders and images between each bullet point?

Plain text is still king. It’s as simple as that. Actually, there is one trick – making your email look like plain text but in html format so that the size and the font are what you want it to be. But it should look the exact same way whether or not images are loaded or not. Almost all browser-based email services (and desktop too) have image loading turned off by default. (Yes I know Gmail recently changed this, but you want to make your emails look readable everywhere)

We put a snippet of html at the beginning of every html email that says the text should be Arial and the font size 12pt.

Why? Because Arial, 12 point font tested best for clicks. Other than that, we use some bolding to highlight the links and a few key phrases, and double line breaks between paragraphs to break things up. But that’s it – an html email that reads like plain text works best.

4. Double opt-in is best.

FALSE. This will likely be the most controversial of the 5 points, but hear me out.

I’ll admit it. I’m a recovering double opt-in zealot. I used to be adamant that a modified double opt-in email list was the best way to go. In other words, my feeling was, “If the recipient can’t even be bothered to click on that very first email that gives them the content they wanted, what’s the point of having them on the list?”

But I’ve changed my mind based on our tests and how the behavior of our recipients is changing.

The “If the recipient can’t be bothered…” argument only works if you assume that your recipient actually glances at the sender and subject line of every message they get. That’s simply not happening.

These days the vast majority of people signing up for your email list are giving you their 2nd or 3rd or even 4th tier emails. You know – that Hotmail or Yahoo or Gmail address they maybe check once per day – more likely every couple of days.

That type of email is being checked like a Twitter stream. They are seeing your email only if it happens to be delivered around the time they are checking that “stream” of email. Sent yesterday or the day before? Forget it – they probably aren’t going to get that far and your email will just be deleted.

Think of your recipients email inbox as an actual river and your message is a boat. If they are standing by the riverside while a boat is going by, they’ll see it. If they aren’t by the river during that time, they won’t.

We found that double opt-in gives your recipients a single chance to be by the river when your email comes by. Single opt-in will give them multiple chances to be by the river and see your boat come by. When we used single opt-in our list was bigger, but I’m not concerned about the size of the list. The important point is that our open and click rate were higher too. People were missing emails, of course, but they were clicking when they were by the river and seeing our boat.

Most email services will automatically delete “hard bounce” emails anyway every 30 days, which solves the “what about bad emails” issue. We just clean our list out about every 6 months now instead of every year. If someone hasn’t clicked on any link we’ve sent in six months, we say good-bye and unsubscribe them. Remember, the single goal of my emails is to get the recipient to click and if they aren’t doing so in six months, then it’s time to show them the door.

Which leads us to a bonus myth:

4.5 Never send to your list more than once per week

FALSE. Once you think of your recipient’s inbox as the river of mail, can you see why this is false too? If you’re only putting your boat down the river once per week, what do you think the chance of them being by the riverside at that time?

I recommend sending to your list at least three times per week – even every other day if you have enough content, information and promotions to support that. It doesn’t mean send crap to your list just because you need to send them a message. It takes hard work to make each email you send worth opening and clicking. But do that hard work and you’ll find your clicks and sales going up as you increase the volume of email you send.

You’re unsubscribes will go up – but so will your sales. If you’d rather have no “unsubs” then just don’t email your list at all. Of course you’ll have no sales, but you’ll feel the warm glow of seeing your email list grow and grow for no purpose at all. (Yes that’s sarcasm.)

And finally…

5. Don’t sell to your list too soon.

FALSE. Oh. My. Goodness. Bloggers and website owners love to talk themselves out of making money. Your list doesn’t hate when you want to sell them something. You know what your list hates? When you sell them something and they weren’t expecting it.

The more free content you give them, the more free content they will want. Set the tone right up front that, while you’re going to be giving them some great information, you’re a business and a business sells stuff.

You want to be loved and feel nothing but love from your list? Great, get comfortable working for free.

I don’t work for free. I deliver great content and information and I sell stuff too – and the recipient knows this from the very first email they get.

Here’s a snippet of the first email our recipients get:

We’re going to be emailing you ideas and tricks we use but never publish on our blog. And we’ll explain it in a step-by-step way that you’ll be able to understand and use them on your own website right away to make some coin (or euros, pounds, dollars, pesos, etc.).

That’s what makes our list so valuable to subscribers.

But we’re also going to introduce you to products and services we think are top notch and worthy of your attention and dollars – things we’ve bought ourselves.

In other words, we’re going to ask you to buy stuff too.

So if capitalism, grandma’s apple pie, or marketing offends you, you’ll want to find that unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email and put yourself out of your misery right now. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

Yep. You read that correctly. The first email they get asks them if they want to unsubscribe. Very few people do.

But we set that tone and we’re just getting rid of non-buyers sooner in the follow-up chain. Which is A-OK by us. If there is no chance they are ever going to buy something then the sooner they are off the list, the better.

Don’t wait until auto-responder #24 to sell something (your own product or an affiliate offer) thinking that because you’ve sent them 23 emails of nothing but great, feel-good content that they will now throw open their wallets to give you their money out of pure gratitude for all the free stuff that has come before.

Kiddo, I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t work like that. In fact they get weirdly upset that you are not giving them freebie email #24.

The trick to keeping subscribers on your email list, even while you are pitching something, is to set the stage early and simply tell them to expect it – then pitch early – email #3 at the very latest. It’s a simple idea. Manage your subscriber’s expectation right up front and when the sale pitch comes, they won’t be surprised.

It’s a bit like how offers new employees $2,000 to quit after the training program. They end up with committed employees who understand what they are getting into.

The corollary to #5 is that people think that if you promote anything other than your own stuff, they’ll be less of your stuff.

Simply. Not. True.

The Internet is a big place, and if you think that your email recipients stop visiting all the other sites out there once they join your newsletter, you’re kidding yourself. People do all kinds of research and join all kinds of newsletters. Don’t be afraid to promote other products. Your subscribers probably already know about them so you might as well get paid to make the introduction. They’ll meet those folks whether you open the door or not!

Now go out and tell those experts their wrong.

And go re-do your funnel!

Tim Bourquin is the Co-founder of, a tool that helps website owners build their email list and monetize their opt-in paths the moment someone joins your list.

Answer To My #1 Most Asked Question

I get this question ALL THE TIME!

“Brad, how’d you grow Todd and John’s affiliate program so big so quickly?”

Easy…I’m awesome, super hard-working, and just an overall genius.

No…not really 🙂

Here are the real secrets and how YOU can replicate them…

The first secret: behind-the-scenes testing

What you probably don’t know is that John and Todd are buying leads, testing funnels, reviewing email stats, and overall crunching data behind what’s working and what’s not.

It’s not an easy job.

It really requires someone to focus on it full-time, but in the end…million-dollar launches and million-dollar businesses.

Depending on your products, company size, and price points you should consider that this is probably the most important part of your business… So ask yourself if the person to focus on testing is YOU…or someone else.

If you do consider someone else, please consider that this person/company needs to know the industry, know your business, and know your goals. It’s about more than what ‘the big internet marketing guys’ are doing…because we’re in a different industry. Those generic rules of ‘internet marketing’ do NOT apply.

So get to work…well, wait, keep reading the secrets 🙂

The second secret: high conversions

You want affiliates to help you grow your business into a multi-million dollar operation??…HAVE HIGH CONVERSIONS!

How do you have high conversion? Read secret one 🙂

What’s an easier way to convince someone to get behind you and your products then to pay them GREAT MONEY? Affiliates want to make money, and affiliate marketing isn’t always about guarantees because it’s affiliate marketing :).

But what if you can tell affiliates, with CONFIDENCE, that you are spending your own money and time to give them the BEST chance to make money? How easy is that?

It makes my job SUPER easy because I know that my clients are putting in the effort to put affiliates FIRST. So put you affiliates first…work on getting your conversions UP.

Oh yeah…you don’t EVER STOP working on them either. You get lazy, you get lapped.

The third secret: WHO you know

OK, so ultimately, this is a tough one. If you want to work with the top people in the affiliate space, you’ve gotta know them or have a contact to them.

First, if you know them, then it should be an easy sell once you show them the high conversions you have.

“Hey we’ve tested this funnel on XYZ traffic and we’re getting XYZ bucks per lead which would project out to XYZ for you if you promoted…what does your schedule look like for a promo?”

It’s not even worth asking them to promote unless you’ve tested it and you KNOW it’s going to convert at a range that puts money in their pockets…at a good level.

Now if you don’t know the top people…you’d better find someone that does and you’d better have your ducks in a row before reaching out.

The fourth secret: positive attitude regardless of situation.

Some might read that as me being ‘blissfully unaware’ of what’s going on around me. “Brad how can you be positive when XYZ bad is happing in the world, or XYZ is failing during a launch?”

Look at things happening with your affiliate programs and launches with the quote from my lovely wife…

“In the grand scheme of life…is hitting a million REALLY that important?”

Kinda…but not really. I know that I can only control so many things in this world. I’ll try my hardest and pursue excellence but when push comes to shove there’s only so much I can do. I believe the rest is in God’s hands.

He’s gotten me this far. Sure there have been hurdles, failures, heartbreak, pain, discomfort, annoyance, anger, and a litany of other challenges along the way…but I’m here…and I’m stronger because of those challenges…He’s pulled me through.

So how can I NOT be positive?!?!?!

And if I’m positive, but realistic, it comes across to affiliates and the management of any potential situation…from a super successful launch, to a failure of one.

What of the above ‘secrets’ are you putting into practice? Where do you need help? Where are your holes?

Let’s talk in the comments…or contact me directly:


P.S. Secret Five…always have a P.S. 🙂 People LOVE a good P.S.