Trial Offers…How to Convert Them! (Guest Post)

Trials…geez where do I begin!! We all use them in some way shape or form, to get people interested in what we have…and hopefully to BUY! It seems as if the debate on the best way to convert them (whether free or paid) will be debated until the end of time!

Well, this morning I read an article by Dustin Pass of fame and trial conversion successes, and I would be remiss if I didn’t share it with you.

He looks at trial conversion from a launch process,  but it can EASILY be applied across evergreen sales processes, as well as broker accounts, and newsletters. This is an excellent read and I HIGHLY recommend spending time with it…and taking a few notes.

He’s currently doing internal testing for his upcoming launch (June), and he’s waiting for your comments below!


Today I want to talk about free trials and how my initial use of them cost me quite a bit in sales and what I did with them to super charge sales during launch week. When I put out ElementalTrader I had very high expectations, after all we just came off of my OracleTrader launches and the conversion for our webinars averaged 13% for that. You read that right, 13% on a $2000.00 product. Many of you were probably there and experienced this first hand.