Dealing with the Holiday Lull

The week of Thanksgiving begins a somber time  for most of
us in the marketing world…


This is the time when 99% of companies in our niche decide
to pack it in, hit the slopes, or do an all out blitz for any extra
cash, and it runs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve.

It’s a time when our potential customers stop thinking about
themselves and what THEY want, and start thinking about
family and friends…and how they can afford it.

But what do successful companies do when sales are fleeting
and customers are busy?

The first thing they do, or should be doing, is putting themselves
in their customers’ shoes.  Really focus on what their potential
customer is going through.

From there, they truly ask themselves, ‘what can I do to help my
customers’? Is that more content? Is that free phone sessions? Is
that leaving them alone for 2 months???

It’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself.

The second thing they do is focus on providing value. Sometimes
that value is in the way of a huge discount to a top tier product.
Sometimes it’s deeper articles. Sometimes it’s longer videos.

Whatever it is, you’ll need to figure out the BEST way to give
them value.

Why are you, a current or future successful company, doing

To keep the momentum, and goodwill, going UP UP UP!!

Don’t slack during the holiday lull, think about your customers
and how you can mentally connect with them, and provide
them with a ton of value.

What are you doing to provide value during this time?


P.S. Next week really is the LAST good time to earn money
during promos…

Are you part of this one in the futures niche??