Part 3! Getting more and more and more leads!

Part 3 of my series draws to a close with the EASIEST
part of getting more leads…

C stands for Cascade!!

Cascade…of TRAFFIC!! 🙂


Sorry that’s an awful C compared to my first two (Create & Convert)
but I started with C and I’m forcing the final one 😉

I know what you’re thinking…

Brad, traffic is the HARDEST PART!!

Honestly it’s not.

There are some amazing traffic and lead sources just wanting
to send you some HIGH quality, financial targeted, leads for
a fair market value.

Google, Facebook, financial email lists…ALL WANTING TO



The KEY is really making sure you have the first TWO “C’s”
sorted out before the traffic. Because without those two you’ll
NEVER get more leads.

You need to create high quality ads that draw the eye, capture the
attention of the customer, and stand out among the hundreds of
other ads competing for your customers attention.

Second, you need to CONVERT those clicks into leads. If you can’t
convert those clicks then you’re spinning your wheels. You need
a QUALITY funnel to get those clicks to turn into leads, and those
leads to BUY…BUY BUY BUY!!

Then part 3 is the traffic…the traffic is easy if you know your internal metrics.

If you know that you can CREATE and CONVERT, then you
know exactly how much you can spend.

Do you?


Here’s how…

Through my new company we can
do it ALL for you no problem.

We’re currently working , one stop shop, for a VERY
reasonable and fair market price for the value that we are

What I want to do is analyze your current process TOP TO BOTTOM.

From squeeze pages, to follow-up emails, to traffic sources.

I want you to put my 10 years of experience to the TEST…




Refunds, Everyone’s Talking About Them (part 1)

After several conversations with clients and others, I decided
that I needed to address the topic of refunds. I’d like to hit
on a few areas that apply to sellers and re-sellers….

In part 1, I’d like to talk to re-sellers/affiliates. This should help
you vet who you promote for in the future.

Despite what you’ve been told, or what you hear, REFUND
! Yes the economy is bad,
yes people are harder to sell to, yes getting a refund is easier
then ever before…but rates are NOT GOING UP*.

Now you probably saw the little * on my statement above…

Let me clear that up:


Here are two real life examples from current clients: OptionsMD Product LESS THEN 2% REFUND RATE The Ultimate Day Trading System LESS THEN 8% REFUND RATE

Here’s what’s happening, ready to have your mind blown??…

People are getting smarter!

?Companies are promising their customers the moon, and when 99%
of customers can’t achieve those results, they bail.

Customers now,more then ever, are being promised the moon
with guarantee’s that simply cannot be achieved by 99% of
your customer base…therefore they’re bailing!

Ask yourself this; “Of the previous promotions I’ve pushed
where the marketing was right on the edge, how many refunds
came through?” You might get sick when you actually see the number.

Customers still buy the hyped stuff, but refund a LOT more as
(SHOCKINGLY) the claims aren’t able to be replicated…

Which ultimatly HURTS and reflects VERY badly on YOU!

The above refund rates are not just with my clients (although those
rates are SUPER low). The key is quality products, high value, and
honesty up front. It could be argued that money is being left on the
table by not pushing that limit harder…but what about sales down
the road to a customer that’s already bought?!


Second point I’d like to make regarding refunds…


OptionsMD is run by Doc Severson who’s almost annoyingly??? involved
in customer support that begins as soon as a customer purchases. With
the automation of almost everything now-a-days, that old fashioned ability
to talk to the expert REALLY sticks in people’s minds.

We’re relaunching OptionsMD starting Feb 21st and to prepare to BEAT
our 2% refund rate, we’ve actually had Doc clear his personal schedule
and we tried to talk him into sending his wife on vacation so he would
be able to be READY for all customer issues and questions. It’s that extra
step that keeps customers on board when they buy the course.
(are you an affiliate or want to check it out? Visit here and email me)

You hopefully know Markus Heitkoetter by now, but if not you’ll
quickly learn that as the name/face/mind behind his product he
prides himself on being readily available to customers AND his
support staff. has a highly trained team that understands
refunds happen, but that they also can be AVOIDED with good customer
service and having experts able to answer any and all questions. We had
an affiliate push our ebook offer this past month, and there were several
very personal questions that were sent to the affiliate, that were then
forwarded to us…


I’m talking about 20min+ per email for someone that TOOK A FREE OFFER!
Who does that???

Someone with less then 8% refunds, that’s who.


So how do YOU as an affiliate deal with this? 3 ways

1. Review the product that’s being pushed.

If you have time, see what the product is all about. And if
you really want to help your leads/visitors, test out the
customer service claims (if any).


Most times companies will share material with you before
they launch, or begin to market. This is where you should
have your BS detector on FULL POWER. You’re probably
a trader or know enough to know what’s realistic…apply
that to what you promote.

3. Ask company AND other affiliates for feedback on #’s.

Companies you know/trust will tell you up front the good or
the bad…but you’ve gotta trust them. If you don’t know the
affiliate person/company, then ask other affiliates that promoted

If you ask me about the numbers, I hope you can trust me, but I’m
never prideful enough to not think you need more sources…so just ask.

Again this is just my 2 cents on the matter…LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Love reading the comments and debating points if necessary.

Until next time…


P.S. This PS is a direct pitch for you to become an affiliate partner for my clients 🙂 Affiliate Program (70% click to lead, 8% lead to sale, 90 day cookie) OptionsMD relaunch that had 2.86EPC last time! Feb 21st it begins

Why This Client Makes BANK (and how you can STEAL it from them!)

There are people and companies in EVERY industry that set the bar
for the ‘rest of us.’

They’re the ones leading the pack: Great Products, Guru Creditably,
List Responsiveness, Product Sales and that money thing 😉

In all my years, and all the companies I’ve worked with, I know
when a company hits all the right marks…and WHY THEY DO!

First, let me introduce you to my client before I tell you
what they’re doing, and HOW YOU CAN STEAL FROM THEM:

Rockwell Trading are Day Trading Experts…PERIOD!

I’m sure many of my readers are familiar with them, but if you’re not, just
click above and read their “About” sections. What you’re really looking for
is me to give you a behind the scenes look…WISH GRANTED!

I’ve known Markus, Rollie, and Mark for a number of years and in all my dealings
(both before I came on board, and since) they strive to do the right thing by
all parties involved in whatever deal they were doing.

After I came on board I was allowed a little peek behind the curtain and, without
disclosing too much, there are two things that stuck out to me as things YOU
should implement in your business:

1. Customer service and RETENTION is unmatched anywhere…period.

For affiliate partners this is an amazing unknown aspect of working with Rockwell.
They have phone staff that actually KNOW trading, are not all about the hard close,
and get this…

ANYONE can ask Markus questions…AND GET A RESPONSE! He makes himself
open and available to paying and not paying customers. How often do you see
a company gain success, and the person behind the success goes ‘off the map’?
I’ve seen it several times, and each time I notice it, that company is heading
downward shortly there after.

Having direct access to Markus leads to massive sales figures, client retention,
and my 2nd point:

2. They have one of the most active and responsive lists I’ve ever seen!

If they’re on the list, they’re treated like high net worth clients…it’s uncanny. A simple
email for an affiliate partner can generate thousands (3k+) of clicks for an offer that
Markus says is a good one. His list is half as big as others in the biz, but crushes numbers
and if the product is good, they buy. Like the pied piper of day traders!

This uncanny ability to connect leads to great sales numbers for affiliates and leads
over the long term.

So personalize yourself with your list. If you’re the expert, be the expert who relates,
leads, and gives them confidence in what you do and who you are!

Markus Heitkoeter is the main man, and the focus is day-trading. Doesn’t matter if
it’s stocks, futures, or forex these guys rule it.

So how can you try to be a ‘bar setter’?

1. If you’re selling a product try to focus on customer service, and personal
interaction with customers. In this economy, it’s clearly harder to sell, and people are looking
for a long term relationship when they buy something…try to give them that.

2. Give a crap about your list! Sign-up for Markus’s eBook (below) and see
how he communicates, what he shares with them, and try to provide the
same level of respect and class that he does.

RockwellTrading is a client and we’re having massive success with email
swaps, and affiliate partners. We consider ALL email swaps and affiliate deals
so email me directly if you’d like to have Markus send 3k clicks your way 😉

Our sales funnel starts with our Ebook giveaway. Affiliates are averaging 76%
click to lead, and 3% lead to sale on our $197, 597, 197, and 97 dollar offers
over the first 3 weeks!

Becoming an affiliate is the ONLY WAY we will consider cross promos and swaps

If you have questions about what ELSE we do to set the bar, simply ask in the comment
section below for a PUBLIC AND REVEALING answer…nothing off limits, so fire away!


P.S. Any experience (good or bad I WILL publish) with Rockwell, please share in the comments!

Rockwell Trading Review…you might not have heard about them and that’s ok. So let me fill you in..they’ve been getting out there QUITE a bit and I’ve known the group for a while. They’ve grown their affiliate program the BEST WAY POSSIBLE…slowly, selectively, and controlled!


To make sure they work with the best! So when I asked if I could review them and introduce you to them to you, they said yes…but only because they know the people I work with are the best people in the industry!

So after digging around, chatting with other affiliates, and talking to their CEO and CFO, here are some important facts:

  • Markus’s free eBook, “The Complete Guide To Day Trading” is their top converting offer with a great upsell.
  • They typically see a 55-65% opt-in rate on this offer (according to them and a few top affiliates)
  • Once a person has opted-in for a free eBook, they are presented with an offer to purchase the “Day Trading Starter Package (DTSP)” at the reduced price of $7.00 (not too shabby considering all that this package is)
  • Our opt-in rate here is between 12-20% and we will give the affiliate the $7.00 we make on each of these orders
  • All payments will be made on the first of the month for the previous month
  • There is not waiting period, concerns over refunds, clawbacks, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more, getting a staff membership, and possibly teaming up with them…Contact Rollie ( for any additional questions…here’s the link.

Check back later!

Brad Stafford

Who/what should you promote….part 3

Today I’m going to cover part 3 in this series and focus on WHO you should promote.

This is always a challenge because you might not know a lot about a company, or product, and you want to make sure that you’re truly promoting quality people to your audience. Because if you line up with someone that has crappy products, bad reputation, or spams your leads…YOU’RE GOING TO BE HURT!

So picking the companies/products you promote is very important. Here are a few steps and recommendations to ensure you line up with good people:

First, research the product!

Seems simple enough, but many people just say ‘yeah give me the offer and I’ll push it,’ not knowing anything about the product. You need to basically be an advocate for your audience. Take time to research what you can about the product. This puts you in a position to be able to confidently say to your audience:  ‘yes this is high quality and although it might not be for you, I think you should check it out.’

Sometimes you can’t research the product. Might be because of a launch, maybe the owners don’t want to share too much with you, etc etc…that’s your call if you want to promote, but you should ALWAYS try to research and test the product.

I know of an excellent affiliate marketer (I won’t say his name here, not sure if he’d be comfortable with that), but this guy basically researches and actually USES the product before he promotes it! Sounds just crazy…but he’s a TOP guy and has some of the highest click to earnings numbers I’ve heard of.

You might not be able to fully run through the product, but you should know OF it before you recommend it.

Second, who’s your contact?

Most companies selling products have affiliate managers recruiting affiliates and trying to get them to promote the services. At times that affiliate contact is the ONLY connection you have with the product…so do you like that person? Do you trust that person? Is that person available to you and REALLY able to answer your questions about the product???

These are all things you need to ask yourself. That affiliate manager might just be a place holder for a crap product. If you have questions about a piece of marketing for the product you’re selling…do they know the answer or are they guessing?? If they’re guessing there’s a good chance they haven’t fully researched the product THEMSELVES!!

With the clients I work for, I actually spend time ‘acting like a customer’ on their sites and with their products before I agree to work with them. I want to see how they would treat a REAL customer, a customer from an affiliate partner I would recruit…it’s about knowing the product and knowing the person behind the affiliate program.

If I recommend a product/company for promotion by an affiliate, you’d better darn well know that my reputation is on the line!

Three, what’s the history?

This one is tricky as sometimes companies pop-up who are quality, and other companies that have been around forever that suck. So how do you tell the crap from the gold??

1. Ask other people that you see promoting them. If you see ads promoting a company then you should ask those people promoting them what experiences they’ve had. Now chances are if someone is promoting a company…they like them or the results…so take their vote of confidence with a grain of salt. However they can give you honest insight as to what their customer’s feedback has been, their results, and their interaction with the company.

2. Talk to those who DON’T promote for that company anymore. You’ll have to dig a bit to find these people, but google search the company/product and look for the old posts, check to see if there’s been anything recent, and then contact that site. Again you’ll have to take their advice/insights with a grain of salt as they might be bitter over something that you’d never deal with.

3. Talk to others in the marketing industry in general. I think I’m a pretty good source for honest feedback…email me But if you know others you should ask them as well. Chances are someone knows something, so you’ve got to ask.

Which brings me to the conclusion…

Who/what in my opinion fits ALL the categories that I’ve mentioned in this three part series?? These companies:

1. Quality name, long successful history, dedicated support team, quality products, various marketing methods (content and launch), and high payouts on web AND phone referred sales.  Affiliate info Sign-up here. ( which is under the umbrella)

2. Successful trader, tireless educator, high converting newsletters, content marketing, 90% renewal rate on newsletters and products, full-time support staff, and high-end recurring commissions: Affiliate info and Sign-up here.

3. Stock trading/picking software with over 10 years success, focused creators, great marketers, easy to work with, and good click to sale numbers on the right promos: Affiliate info and Sign-up here.

4. Wealth Insider Alliance: Excellent marketers, high-end recurring products, pay on time, easy to work with, good squeeze pages, high returns on lead values: Affiliate info and Sign-up here

I’ve been in this business over 5 years now and I’ve learned a TON. This isn’t a 9-5, off holidays off weekends, kinda job. It’s one that requires time, effort, and commitment. That’s my focus for my clients as well as the affiliate marketers (YOU) that I work with. I work with all the above companies and stamp my seal of approval on them ALL…so join them ALL and start promoting!!

Also if you want my opinion about someone you might or currently promote just ask ( I’m more then happy to offer you an unbiased review.

All my best,
Brad Stafford

P.S.Did I miss your company/product? email me here ( so I can review the product to see if it would get my nod of approval!