Dropping email for Facebook…WOW

Had a call earlier this week that I HAD to share with you. It went something like this:

Company: Hey Brad, I’ve been reading about how Facebook could replace email marketing and I wanted to get your opinion about it…


C: Huh??

B: You’re telling me you want to stop using your 50k email list in favor of Facebook…??

C: Yeah, I mean not right away, but if we can get 50k fans then we can make more money.


OK, so maybe I’m preaching to the choir here, but does anyone else think of this as crazy?

Is this what people think social media is? Dropping things that are proven for things that are the new fad? Granted, Facebook can be a useful tool, but thinking it can replace the direct communication that email provides is NUTS!!

Two Senerios…

A. If you’re a fan of a Facebook page, they post something at 1pm that’s AWESOME! I don’t care what it is, but they post it at 1pm…but you don’t really check Facebook till you get home from work (ok believe the lie for a min)…and SHOCKER, it’s not at the top of your ‘news feed’. So that awesome post goes unnoticed by you…and countless others.

B. You’re on an email list of a company that sends you great material and they send their newsletter to you at 1pm. Let’s again lie here and say you don’t check your email till you get off work. You get home and you have 30 emails…but instead of that material getting lost in your news feed, you have it there to read (or not read)…AND IT’S BEING AT LEAST CONSIDERED!

Obviously you as a marketer, or someone interested in getting someone’s attention, would rather have them not read your material because of a bad subject line, vs not read because they don’t see it.

So clearly if you’re thinking about dropping your email marketing for Facebook…DON’T DO IT!! Climb off the ledge and consider other ways to improve your sales and conversions…

IMPROVE YOUR EMAIL MARKETING! Or at least your Subject lines. That’s really all that matters anyway.

What we’ve learned here is to not drop your email marketing, just improve it. Comment below if you think I’m wrong about Facebook VS Email…or if you just want to get your site in front of the thousands of readers go ahead!


P.S. If you need any help/advice with that just ask…I pride myself on high open rates 😉