How to make your copy CONNECT with buyers!

How to make your copy CONNECT with buyers!

If you’re a business owner who writes his or her own copy, this is for you.

If you’re a pro copywriter… this is also for you! (But hopefully more of a reminder to keep you on top)

One thing I’ve noticed recently is a disconnect between the product being sold, and the message being used to sell it. All in all it’s not terrible across the board, but I’ve been seeing a lot of products just miss the mark. 

I’d like that to end and for everyone to sell more…

So I’m sharing a strategy I’ve developed to make sure that my copy CONNECTS with buyers!

I use this strategy when I’m writing emails for sales funnels, sales pages, and squeeze pages. It’s how I’ve been blessed to work with some of the top players in our industry, and how more keep coming!

And again in my quest to help everyone sell MORE… here it is:

No. 1: Create two ideal buyer characters that you can ‘speak’ to each time you write for a product or service. 

At first glance this might seem like a lot of work but the reality is each product is going to speak to a different type of consumer and their current goals/fears (both of which drive sales). We might say that an options product might cater more towards an engineering mindset versus a penny stock offer that’s more interested in the get rich quick angle. 

Now the reason I have two is to cover both the goals/fears angle of a buyer depending on the MARKET! Here’s where financial copy is special because it’s so driven by the stock market and it’s volatility. I mean honestly, you can have new/fresh copy almost WEEKLY!

Then depending on market conditions, you cater the copy to fit the market and your ideal buyer.

Note: Sometimes the customer will be different depending on products and services. So analyze the products benefits and problem solutions and see how that speaks to your buyer character.

No. 2: Know the market conditions and political news that could influence your buyer! 

Even living in Africa, I always read the news for a general sentiment of what’s happening in the world. It may seem simple but checking in on the news helps me to speak directly to the people who I want to reach by knowing what’s actually affecting their everyday lives.

To use the options product example from above, we have an engineer type as our generalization of our customer… now the news breaks that Trump is approving 10X more HB1 visas in 2020 than in 2019. You and I might read over that, but our engineer who’s moving towards the end of his career but has 2 kids in college that he needs to pay for, that GUT CHECKS HIM! 

He’s thinking the worst. He’s potentially panicked that his job could be on the line and how will he pay for his kids college…

See? Kinda simple if you’re paying attention and can see those opportunities in the market and your product.

No. 3: and this one is crazy… Talk to customers! 

I would encourage every copy writer or somebody who wants to do persuasive marketing in any capacity to do customer service and actually get to know the people who are buying your products.

Again it seems so simple but being able to read customer emails, respond to customer emails and just in general interact with customers will give you a much better sense of how to solve their problems, help them achieve their dreams and how your product fits into those two categories.

Simple right?

But deep enough that if you make the above into your writing strategy whenever you write copy…you’ll improve 10X!

Good luck,


P.S. If you’d like a free copy consult, just ask. I’d love to help you tighten up your copy and get to know your two buyer characters!

Have a great one!

The Secret To Getting Better Copy From Your Writer

The Secret To Getting Better Copy From Your Writer

As a writer I like to follow and read other writers especially good copywriters… and Kevin Rogers is CLEARLY a good one!

I don’t want to hype him up too much, but suffice it to say he’s good.

Anyway, I’m on his email list and received the below email, absorbed it immediately, then asked if I could repost on my site. He said ‘Sure man’…and here we are.

I’m leaving his pitch in at the end (no affiliate links) just because it’s a great one!


Hey there,

Good copywriting pretty much lives or dies by the quality of communication between the writer and the client.

The better the communication, the stronger the copy. Period.

With other contractors, like, say, tech developers, communication can be handled by a trusted team leader. Ideally, one who understands all the weird phrases and acronyms around tech.

When I’m in a tech meeting, I feel like an actor in a Star Trek episode who was given a script for the Dukes of Hazzard.

TECH PERSON: I recommend we align the impulse drive with the deuterium detectors and harmonic combadge.

ME: Well, gol durn, I recon that dog’ll hunt, let’s commiserate on it up yonder at the Boar’s Nest with some sippin’ suds and pickled pigs feet.

Maybe you feel just as out of place talking to a copywriter?

However, as CEO, especially if it’s your name in the subject line, it’s critically important to form a solid working relationship with your copywriter.

You don’t have to plan a fly fishing excursion or a spa weekend together…

… but you DO need to block a few solid chunks of uninterrupted phone time with your copywriter.

And agree to go deep on those calls about your history, the inspiration behind your business — especially the product they’ll be writing about…

… and a lot about YOU.

I talk to so many CEOs who are nervous about a copywriter getting their VOICE wrong.

There are some really good ways for a decent copywriter to learn how to write in your voice…

They can listen to you talking – on podcasts, stage presentations, web trainings – and apply a system like Abbey Woodcock’s CODEX to break down your speech patterns and become an effective version of your voice in copy.

If that’s all they had, a skilled copywriter could do a decent job of playing the role of you in copy, like an actor playing a historical character who died before they ever met.

However, add to your “public voice reel” some quality one-to-one conversations with your copywriter where they can really HEAR you, in real time, get genuinely excited about some things, subtly annoyed over others, the way you pause before reflecting, how your timber shifts when you talk about family…

… and a good copywriter, like a method actor, will adopt the role of playing you so well that people go, “Wow, you can’t even tell the difference.”

Like Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson.

True copywriting goes far beyond voice, of course.

Later in my freelance career, I was brought in on projects long before the product was even created.

Some clients would ask me to vet potential experts before entering into a product deal to make sure they had the goods to be a dynamic spokesperson, and the material to develop truly valuable products.

Those projects where everyone was fully bought in, as you can imagine, were always more successful.

So, if you’re an expert looking to bring on a copywriter, go beyond reading over samples and make time to have real conversations with your best copywriter candidates.

Feeling some genuine chemistry during those calls is a good sign that you’ll develop a strong relationship and get an Oscar-worthy performance.

And if you’re a pro copywriter, be respectfully demanding of your client’s time.

You know what you need to do your best work, so get full buy-in from your client and their team to help you become far more than a contractor… and become an Oscar-worthy actor playing the role of your expert.

And the winner is… everyone.

Kevin Rogers

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