Proof of Life

Proof of Life

Proof of Life

My partner Brian, at Traders News Media, told me I need to ‘be out there more’…

I told him I would post an update today July 28th if he agreed to do a public speaking gig with me at some point ????! So let’s hold Brian to it!!! (Contact me to get to Brian lol)

Family Update:

Aubree and the kids (all 6 of them) are doing well. School, skateboarding, surfing, and being grateful that they have plenty of siblings to keep them entertained!

We’ve got a homeschool and ‘work from home’ lifestyle that has given us a great foundation during a time when lots of other families are struggling to make a solid plan.

With 12 years experience homeschooling my wife keeps amazing me with these genius children! 

If you have any questions about homeschooling or working from home just ask as I’m happy to share what’s worked for us…and what’s not!

Business Update:

Despite global chaos, our creative and advertising clients are generating more interest, more leads, and more sales! We’re blessed with great clients who allow us to customize campaigns that can grow their company.

We’re delivering more email clicks as our lists grow and our engagement on those lists increases. Our clients are receiving and converting more leads from our external media buying plans and strategies. 

Quietly we’ve been building up our creative skills. Copywriting for funnels, advertorials, and ebooks continues to improve as USER engagement increases! If people are spending more time on our advertorials, then they’re learning more about our clients and engaging better…and the client results speak for themselves! 

We have a team that continues to amaze me as pivots are needed and speed is required. Being 100% remote work has given us an advantage along with people who are always professional and focused on providing the best quality of service for our clients.

We can help you get more leads, more engagement on your website, and massive attention to a new project or campaign. 

Please reach out if you’d like to run a test buy on our lists, or review our creatives to see if we could help you with your next campaign!

OK…back to lurking and working.


P.S. Thanks for those wishing happy birthday in the comments! 

2008 million dollar feeling again…let me write for you!

This offer available for discussion to first 3 people who say YES! (sent to over 3,000 others)


I’ve got a writing itch that feels like 2008 all over again and I want to write!
If I look back at 2008, that is when things REALLY took off for me and the companies I worked with. Fear was everywhere, panic, and crazy ideas.
But if managed CORRECTLY the disasters of today could mean massive GROWTH for tomorrow!
I truly saw that play out in 2008 and I’m getting the same feeling now.
To you I ask this…Can I write for you?
Here are the strings:
– You have a product you’re buying media for (or CAN buy media for)
– You need/want new creatives to match market tone, and get people taking action.
– You want a 100% commission based writer.
That’s IT!
Contact me today if you qualify as I’ve got a few million in copy that I’m ready to write!
Talk soon,
P.S. Even if you don’t qualify, let me know how you’re doing. Staying positive and looking for bright spots!
P.P.S. Sorry but I do reserve the right to say no to a project. Burned too many times to not say no when I
get the feeling. But chances are, if you’re reading THIS far…I might not say no!

Amazing people: Eric, Khalipa, and Langa

Our time in Cape Town has brought some amazing people into our lives…

Missionary friends and families, South African church friends, surf club friends, and many more…

I’d say three of the more ‘amazing’ are these three guys…

Khalipa (L) Eric (R)


Langa (L) Brad (R) HA!


These three guys have become more than friends…they’re part of our family.

The relationships we have with these guys as a FAMILY (and as a mentor) is one of the many reasons why we love South Africa.

Being part of their lives over the past 20 months has been legendary. Eric trying Aubree’s French Toast for the first time, Khalipa teaching Micah soccer skills that have others shocked, and Langa’s transformation from a quite man, into a business person who is TRULY on fire for the Lord!

The fact that God has used us is humbling. These men have taught us more about ourselves, perspective, and TRUE JOY than we could have gotten on our own.

They are one of the many reasons why we feel that God wants us in Cape Town longer. Our family misses them while we’re in the States and the kids are asking about them all the time!!

I’ll share one quick story about that has a special place in our hearts…

Eric was our gardener at the house we rented. We were a little unsure about having people around to help without really knowing them which lead to me ask Khalipa if he would be willing to work with Eric as Khalipa was a LivingHope student and I knew him well. I knew his heart, I knew his family, and I knew this was a man of God that I want my family around.

Now, in South Africa there is still an undercurrent of xenophobia. Eric is from Malawi and Khalipa from South Africa. However I KNEW Khalipa’s heart, and knew him to be a good man who didn’t harbor any of those issues. Eric however, being a 19 and new to the country, wasn’t quite sure.

As time and days went on, the communication between them grew and grew. Laughter. Deep personal conversations (most that I wasn’t a part of) were happening whenever they worked together.

Then one day I needed one more guy to help them with a project…enter Langa (South African). Which that one day turned into many which I am now SO grateful for!!

The three of them worked side by side, shared stories, laughed, ate together, and BONDED!

Langa and Khalipa showed the true love of Christ to a young guy who didn’t know it at all…and he was shocked by it.

What it’s led to is an unlikely friendship between the three of them that’s unbreakable, and more like brothers than friends! When Eric was robbed just before we left Cape Town, the first person he went to? Khalipa. That’s special.

Langa and Khalipa are helping Eric to see the world differently, see people differently, and be PART OF THEIR CHURCH! His faith is growing, he’s reading the Bible daily, and the change in him is so obvious I’m just so grateful to have seen where he started!!

I could share story after story about just these three guys spending time with my family, but I’ll save those for when WE can get together over coffee!


I would like to invite you to meet me for a coffee to share with you what we’re doing, how you can pray for us, and how you can support our work!

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Please consider partnering with us financially to help continue our work in Cape Town. We are looking to partner with families and friends for monthly support to help us continue to serve the Lord and help people!


Become a MONTHLY partner here (or choose a one time gift)

Please email me if you would like to get a coffee while we’re back in the States!

All my best,

“Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” – Psalm 37:4


P.S. More treasured pictures…


Eric eating Aubree’s french toast. He told her she should start her own bakery it was so good!


Langa’s graduation from phase 3!

Khalipa, his family, and mine…graduation pre-Susanna


Eric and Norie. I have to give her treats just so she likes me more! haha

Business Success Tips: Getting Back to Basics (good for EVERYONE!)

The past year and a half here in South Africa has taught me a lot about myself, about my family, and a lot about business success in general.

Yes I started a new business while here (, but the MOST knowledge has been gained while working with the students here at LivingHope.


How can working with students who have little to no working knowledge of business help me? Easy! Getting back to basics!

Two basic principles I want to focus on today…

  1. Financial Goal

  2. ‘Non-Financial’ Goal

Huh?? Well the first one is simple.

What is your Financial Goal for your business success?

For it varies. Sometimes it’s 5mm, sometimes it’s 1mm, sometimes it’s 50mm 🙂 The point is that coming back to that monetary goal can help me and Brian make decisions based on how we can hit that goal towards business success. We can analyze hiring someone, or not taking on a client, with a discernment that’s focused on a GOAL.

So what is YOUR financial goal?

The Second…’Non-Financial’ Goal

See if you can find the KEY point in being able to accomplish your ‘non-financial’ goal 😉

Just TODAY I had a chat with a now former student who’s an amazingly talented lady with a TON of potential whatever she decides to do. She has many business options, from cleaning to specialty jams and jellies. Her first goal is providing jobs in a local community, Ocean View, that’s in desperate need of prayer right now. Gangs have taken over a once peaceful place, the police are not helping as much, and people are being murdered daily.

As we all know EMPLOYMENT is way to lift people out of situations where crime seems like the only hope. So that’s exactly what this former student wants to do. And it’s a GREAT GOAL!!

But it’s her FIRST goal…and it should be her SECOND.


Because unless she is able to have financial success, then she’ll NEVER be able to employ anyone. I asked her…”think for a second…have you ever worked for a place where the owner didn’t make more money then you?” No…of course not. Because if they didn’t, then she’d NEVER have a JOB!

The same is true with her goal to employ people from Ocean View. If she isn’t successful and focused on her monetary goal, she’ll NEVER hit her second goal of employing people.

So ask yourself…what is your Non-Financial Goal?

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or want to share your financial or non-financial goals towards business success, I’d LOVE TO HEAR!



Part 3! Getting more and more and more leads!

Part 3 of my series draws to a close with the EASIEST
part of getting more leads…

C stands for Cascade!!

Cascade…of TRAFFIC!! 🙂


Sorry that’s an awful C compared to my first two (Create & Convert)
but I started with C and I’m forcing the final one 😉

I know what you’re thinking…

Brad, traffic is the HARDEST PART!!

Honestly it’s not.

There are some amazing traffic and lead sources just wanting
to send you some HIGH quality, financial targeted, leads for
a fair market value.

Google, Facebook, financial email lists…ALL WANTING TO



The KEY is really making sure you have the first TWO “C’s”
sorted out before the traffic. Because without those two you’ll
NEVER get more leads.

You need to create high quality ads that draw the eye, capture the
attention of the customer, and stand out among the hundreds of
other ads competing for your customers attention.

Second, you need to CONVERT those clicks into leads. If you can’t
convert those clicks then you’re spinning your wheels. You need
a QUALITY funnel to get those clicks to turn into leads, and those
leads to BUY…BUY BUY BUY!!

Then part 3 is the traffic…the traffic is easy if you know your internal metrics.

If you know that you can CREATE and CONVERT, then you
know exactly how much you can spend.

Do you?


Here’s how…

Through my new company we can
do it ALL for you no problem.

We’re currently working , one stop shop, for a VERY
reasonable and fair market price for the value that we are

What I want to do is analyze your current process TOP TO BOTTOM.

From squeeze pages, to follow-up emails, to traffic sources.

I want you to put my 10 years of experience to the TEST…