How to Generate Consistent Revenue (without selling your soul)

A question I get quite a lot is this…

Brad…how do I generate consistent revenue?!

Little on the nose…but true.

The answers are simple, yet complex, so I’ll try to
unpack them as best I can for you here today 🙂

First, let’s assume that you have an email list,
a product (or the ability to create products) and
a functioning brain…HA!

Second, let’s assume that you’re an active participant
in the field of marketing. Meaning, you’re not
just sitting around complaining about how bad
things are, or making excuses. You WANT to
generate consistent revenue.

OK…let’s begin!

Step 1: Price Analyze Your Product!

The current price of your product, if it’s seeing traffic, is
the easiest and FIRST thing you need to analyze.

I’m SURE it’s been done in the past, but times change
SO quickly! A subscription someone was willing
to pay 97 bucks a month for, is now 597…you don’t
know unless you test it.

Now, don’t get crazy and go from 7.95 to 7,950, but
within reason, test both sides of current price to see
if you can move the needle in a positive direction.

If you need help split testing, let me know and
we can discuss:

Step 2: Monetize Your List in a NEW Way

As you PROBABLY know I’ve been a big affiliate
marketing cheerleader in the past…well let’s say
that the market has me changing teams a BIT.

Yes, there are a FEW (and, sadly, it seems to be
diminishing rapidly) quality programs with good
products AND CONVERSIONS (the most important
part) out there…but again, they’re becoming
rarer and rarer.

So if you’ve monetized via affiliate model in the
past, or have NOT monetized your non-buyers,
then I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY (clear enough)
recommend that now is the time that you start
working with ad people on a CPC or CPL model.

Performance is what the top companies are paying
TOP dollar for, and if you want consistent income
and consistent RENTERS of your list…PERFORM.

This is important: contact me for people I PERSONALLY

This is the EASIEST thing you can do without
damaging your reputation, controlling your
list, AND increasing your monthly revenue.

Step 3: Invest In Advertising

As above…I’m not 100% on board with ALL
forms of advertising, however if you want to
properly test, perfect, and SCALE, you need
to advertise.

It’s simple, if you’re not investing in advertising
then you’re going to limp along as a company.

Again…need help/intros:

So the point of this article was really to show you
that there are a few EASY things (low hanging fruit
if you will) that you can do TODAY to generate
more revenue…

So…will you take action?

Hope to chat soon!


Eliza, Eve, and Me enjoying Kirstenbosch Gardens...BEAUTIFUL!

Eliza, Eve, and Me enjoying Kirstenbosch Gardens…BEAUTIFUL!

P.S. Should I add more pics in my blog posts? I’m
really on the fence…would appreciate your input!

Affiliate Manager – What Makes a GREAT One?

What Makes a GREAT Affiliate Manager?

Being a great affiliate manager is a question I get on a weekly basis…and I’m PRETTY sure I’ve discussed it before privately, but never on a public forum like this.

Affiliate Manager


If you want to have a GREAT affiliate program you need to have a GREAT affiliate manager. And not everyone you know, or have heard about, falls into the ‘great’ category. Some are just lucky 🙂

Here are the things that I think every great affiliate manager needs to have or be…

1. Relentless Networker

You need someone who knows EVERYONE! And not just everyone…everyone who knows EVERYONE.

Your affiliate program will never be successful unless the person you hire to run your affiliate program is connected with everyone and has the relationships to turn those connections into leads and sales for your program.

They know everyone, but also know how to WORK WITH everyone. Now, some deals just cannot be made, and that’s life. But being able to compromise and improvise in order to drive leads and sales is part of what a great networker can do.

Trying to train someone NEW to run your affiliate program is doable (Nathan T is a great exception to the rule), but if you want to jump start it and get it rocking …you need someone with experience.


Man this is a big one.

Affiliate marketers are smart…and by smart I mean VERY smart. I can’t count how many affiliate managers have fallen by the way side because they weren’t truthful in their dealing with affiliates.

They ‘fudged’ the numbers…made excuses on why leads were disappearing…disregard refund numbers…etc etc.

I know several affiliate managers who are still employed but NO ONE trusts them.

How do their affiliate programs do? Meh…but no one respects them and everyone only sends because of a recip…and once that recip dries up, they’re done.

So you need to have an HONEST affiliate manager who will be your public voice to your marketers. If things are great, tell them.

If they’re bad…TELL THEM! Honesty goes a long way.


This seems like an obvious one. Your affiliate manager needs to be present to be great…well DUH!

By present I mean always working the phones, emails, Skype, etc etc…EVEN WHEN A LAUNCH ISN’T HAPPENING!

And they need to be 100% accessible and respondent during a launch and AFTER a launch.

So many affiliate managers are MIA to affiliates not in the top 10 during launches…so much so that those affiliates never return, or worse, tell others how they were treated.

When ANY affiliate emails/skypes/calls a GREAT affiliate manager, that affiliate manager is getting back to them ASAP!

Present AFTER a launch…that’s a big one. If a launch goes bad a lot of affiliate managers just kinda slink away…no more daily emails…no post launch updates…just DEAFENING SILENCE!

Great affiliate managers talk to ALL affiliates 🙂

Those are a few of the KEY factors in a great affiliate manager…



P.S. Another factor is a GREAT product and conversion process
from the company they work for. No one can successfully run
an affiliate program when the product is junk and the conversions
are bad…

So really, GREAT affiliate managers require commitment from the
company they serve 🙂

P.P.S. A great affiliate manager CONTROLS THE MESSAGE!

Good opportunity…fill your calendar with this.

As you know (or SHOULD know) John Carter is
launching a BRAND NEW class in about 3 weeks
(November 15-25th to be exact) and there’s been
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This is a good opportunity…fill your calendar
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John’s ebook!!

This is an offer I’ve been running through
Facebook and consistently hitting 55% click
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I talked to John, he said if affiliates are able
to get promo’s for the ebook out EARLY,
they’ll be laying the groundwork for a HUGE
November launch…

I’ve got some awesome copy that’ll do two

1. CONVERT at a VERY high rate.

2. Prep people for John’s next class AND
put you in a firm position in their minds
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Become an affiliate of John Carter (here’s WHY)
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Sound good?



Summer Promotions

There are a lot of people who take the summer off from promotions
either from a production or from a marketing standpoint.

Why should you get involved with some select summer promotions:

1. They are a great way to keep your list fresh! Gotta keep your list trained to check out (and hopefully buy) other videos/materials.

2. You can make some money! Again…keep it fresh and keep your list trained even if some are taking breaks and not trading, blah blah…you’ve got to eat too 😉

3. Keep relationships with publishers and affiliates FRESH! Everyone’s working on new stuff, and you want to make sure you stay on the publishers radar as much as THEY want to be on yours!

…so who do you promote and WHEN??

Here are some offers you can/SHOULD mark your calendar for
and/or sign-up for the matching affiliate program. If you don’t
see YOUR OFFER HERE…comment and get some free promo 🙂 Single Class:

July 26-July 31st Promo Direct to BUY for
August 2nd: Simpler Options 297 Class (email ONLY)

– This is a direct to sales page offer. No videos, no webinars
just straight to premium converting and tested copy. Single Class: (new affiliate program MUST SIGN UP)
(First PUBLIC LAUNCH!! Company will NOT be cookieing
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August 15th Promotion for Webinar Begins
August 19th Webinar: Simpler Stocks
August 23rd: SIMPLER STOCKS 297 Class

-This will be the first time affiliates can promote
and the company will NOT be cookieing ANY leads to ensure affiliates
get max exposure and cookie growth/planting. The webinar will be the


BIG LAUNCH: September 4th to 15th

Sept 4-7: Video Promo
Sept 7-11: Webinar Promo

– The BIG DOG…last big one did 1.2mm in sales with affiliates raking
in big numbers…some big enough to ‘pay the mortgage for the year!’

Be sure and mark down at least 4 FOUR days to mail for this

TradeWins Publishing

Chuck Hughes: Wealth Creation Alliance!

Sept 30-Oct 12th: Details to COME

– Chuck’s a guy with a ton of klout and SKILL…that resonates really well
with our demographic…and you WILL want to promote till the end to
maximize your efforts!

Show off your A.B.C. skills in the comment section and convince my readers to PROMOTE YOU!

All my best,


Why I’ve been MIA…

First of all…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

What an amazing time of year.

I’m hopeful you’ve been able to spend it with family and friends, while appreciating the TRUE meaning…not just the ‘stuff’ 🙂

As you can tell…it’s been a while since my last post here, so I thought I’d catch you up…then tell you the future 🙂

Let’s work our way backwards starting most recently…

My wife is pregnant with our 4th child, due in February. On Monday the 16th she was admitted to the hospital as our little girl’s heartbeat was 220…when it SHOULD be 150. So the past 8-9 days I’ve been playing full-time daddy, hospital visitor, christmas gift buyer (AND WRAPPER), farm manager, and everything in between! Praise the Lord Aubree and baby are SUPER healthy, and the doctors are hopeful that after seeing the baby’s heartbeat run at 220 without ANY hiccups/problems, Aubree was able to come home last night (24th) Another Praise right there :).

Doctors are still watching everything but are truly amazed that the baby is so healthy!

Work wise it’s been an interesting past few months…

John Carter‘s last launch did 1.6 million in sales…ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND!! The formula we’ve put together there, the content, and the TEAM are without question one of the best in the space. Affiliates are making tons of money, not hurting their lists with dozens of blasts, and are freed up to market an affiliate offer with a VERY high CPL affiliate payout. We’re working on the dates for John’s next one…

TradingConcepts, has had a VERY event filled Q4. Todd and Doc were disappointed with the results of the last two launches, decided changes HAD to be made and the future is looking VERY bright. I’ve taken on a larger role with TradingConcepts with my partner and together we will have TradingConcepts delivering content, converting leads, and PAYING AFFILIATES better then ever before. We’re already testing new processes with content and product delivery, conversion and timing sequences, and copy changes that WILL make 2014 the best in TradingConcepts history.

There are BIG things coming down the pipe this year and I want you to be a part of it.

I want to help YOU have more success in this niche…but I’ll need your feedback.

If you have a topic you want me to cover, let me know!

Here’s to a GREAT 2013…and a BETTER 2014!

Your Friend,

P.S. Aubree and baby are healthy, and I wanted to thank the many of you who’ve prayed for us!!

P.P.S You probably picked up on ‘my new partner’…if you want details just ask…he’s shy 😉

P.P.P.S. If there’s a spelling or grammatical error…forgive me, Diane has the day off 🙂