December 30

Sunset On 2023…2024 The Year of Adapting, Tracking, and Expanding


What a great 2023!!!!

Was it easy, no. (But life’s not easy)

And frankly, the ‘hard’ is what made it great!

There were a ton of life and work challenges, but by the Grace of God, we’re through and learned along the way…again…that’s life!

But what does 2024 have in store?

And more specifically, for the online marketing space…what does 2024 future hold??

Well as somewhat of an expert on this topic, here’s what I’m seeing as the MOST important things you can do as a business owner, marketing person, or salesman to be successful in 2024.

First, be a humble learner.

Our past successes don’t guarantee future success. If it worked last year, it might not this year…so eat some humble pie (like I did) and look into WHY.

(Often it’s a painful, but necessary look.)

When I look at the challenges I’ve personally dealt with, I found the problem very quickly…ME!

So I had to eat humble pie, figure out why things went one way or another, and make hard changes personally.

It’s been worth it!

Part of that humble learning for me has been a focus on more and HARDER reading. I’ve been an active reader over the last 10 years, but this year (and for the future) I’m reading more (and more complex) things that challenge my way of thinking.. (Within reason people…Christ is still Lord ;))

Guys like George Gilder, Saint Augustine, and Doug Wilson have all challenged me personally and professionally. I’d recommend all of them. (*Send me YOUR Book Recommendations!

Do what I did and take the time to admit you’re better off learning hard things all the time.

Second, tracking and source discernment are the future.

I’ve worked with 30+ companies this year who are buying media online.

The ones that do it well  (meaning they are making money and growing their lists) all have great tracking, customer values, data understanding, and SOURCE discernment taking place.

  • Great Tracking
  • Knowing Customer Value
  • Understanding Data
  • Source Discernment

Often they’re running multiple ad sources (email, social, youtube, etc) and they have success metrics for each, (and goals for each) that allow them to scale, cut or pivot depending on the data.

Youtube behaves differently than email…dedicated CPC emails behave differently than dedicated click to optin…Facebook behaves differently than advertorials…etc etc etc

Each source behaves differently and you need to be aware of it. (If you’re not, refer to point 1 above and reach out for help.)

There was once a time when online marketing was more art than science, but those days have changed.

So getting that online tracking in place, understanding customer value, and knowing what to expect from different sources is CRUCIAL.

Third, expand your online marketing!

There’s no such thing as viral anymore.

If you want to grow your business you need to buy media, use affiliates, test new sources, and be smart about it.

  • Buy Media
  • Utilize Affiliates
  • Test New Traffic Sources

Building products that customers want and need is crucial, don’t take that for granted.

If you build it, they need to see it!

It’s 2024, in order to grow and get your products and services out there…you’ve got to actively market them.

If you’re unsure about your processes or strategies, refer to lesson 1 😉

All my best,


P.S. Yes you can contact me for advice or a connection to help you on any of the above…it’s why I get paid the big bucks 😉



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