July 1

Summer Promotions


There are a lot of people who take the summer off from promotions
either from a production or from a marketing standpoint.

Why should you get involved with some select summer promotions:

1. They are a great way to keep your list fresh! Gotta keep your list trained to check out (and hopefully buy) other videos/materials.

2. You can make some money! Again…keep it fresh and keep your list trained even if some are taking breaks and not trading, blah blah…you’ve got to eat too 😉

3. Keep relationships with publishers and affiliates FRESH! Everyone’s working on new stuff, and you want to make sure you stay on the publishers radar as much as THEY want to be on yours!

…so who do you promote and WHEN??

Here are some offers you can/SHOULD mark your calendar for
and/or sign-up for the matching affiliate program. If you don’t
see YOUR OFFER HERE…comment and get some free promo 🙂

SimplerOptions.com Single Class:

July 26-July 31st Promo Direct to BUY for
August 2nd: Simpler Options 297 Class (email ONLY)

– This is a direct to sales page offer. No videos, no webinars
just straight to premium converting and tested copy.

SimplerSTOCKS.com Single Class: (new affiliate program MUST SIGN UP)
(First PUBLIC LAUNCH!! Company will NOT be cookieing
ANY of their LEADS…it’s open season and it’s a must promote)

August 15th Promotion for Webinar Begins
August 19th Webinar: Simpler Stocks
August 23rd: SIMPLER STOCKS 297 Class

-This will be the first time affiliates can promote SimplerStocks.com
and the company will NOT be cookieing ANY leads to ensure affiliates
get max exposure and cookie growth/planting. The webinar will be the


SimplerOptions.com BIG LAUNCH

BIG LAUNCH: September 4th to 15th

Sept 4-7: Video Promo
Sept 7-11: Webinar Promo

– The BIG DOG…last big one did 1.2mm in sales with affiliates raking
in big numbers…some big enough to ‘pay the mortgage for the year!’

Be sure and mark down at least 4 FOUR days to mail for this

TradeWins Publishing

Chuck Hughes: Wealth Creation Alliance!

Sept 30-Oct 12th: Details to COME

– Chuck’s a guy with a ton of klout and SKILL…that resonates really well
with our demographic…and you WILL want to promote till the end to
maximize your efforts!

Show off your A.B.C. skills in the comment section and convince my readers to PROMOTE YOU!

All my best,



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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
    • Roger, can you share some stats on click to lead and lead to sale? What’s the payout? How often are affiliate paid? Just asking for the masses that’s all 🙂

  • Hey Brad very generous of you to share promotional space!

    I have just launched a new affiliate network – http://finaff.net – and we already have John Thomas, AKA as the Mad Hedge Fund Trader, and Dave Landry on board, with a few more coming soon. Dave has a great service and is presenting an IPO webinar on July 12th which could use a ton of promotion right away! There is an early bird special that buyers can save $100 on.

    John Thomas is active also with his high-ticket priced services, and we are doing an August launch on his premiere service with a $1,000 dollar discount for affiliates’ lists only. The payout for that one is over $1K per sale!

    We will make sure none of our upcoming dates conflict with yours. I love to mail for John Carter, good content for my lists, no refunds, sales just keep rolling in. There always seem to be surprise bonus sales a few days later of other products we didn’t even mail for after every launch with him!

    Hope some of your peeps will join up with us at http://finaff.net – info on payouts etc. on the site.

  • ValueCharts is holding a mini-launch starting July 7th. Short and sweet with only 4 key emails.

    ValueCharts® indicator suite was created to display price in terms of Value. You can imagine the popularity of a system that shows investors when a current price level is significantly overvalued, or undervalued. All lead into catching the Big Fish trades with the highest profit potential.

    This Monday, July 7th the Big Fish mini-launch begins and I want you to join me.


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