February 16

Is South Africa Primed for IM Takeover??



As you know, or should know, my family and I are currently in Fish Hoek, South Africa visiting friends, exploring the country, and recharging the batteries.

Check out our adventures HERE

Along with traveling around South Africa, enjoying incredible views, crazy fresh food, and soaking up the sun, my interest was piqued by the chance to apply some tried and true IM marketing to the local scene…

Now clearly…internet marketing is MUCH different than back in the States.

I know I know…

“No kidding Brad…it’s Africa!”

Which is true, but SOUTH AFRICA is actually pretty modern. You have to remember Africa is HUGE and South Africa enjoys the fruits of tourism which has led to it’s advanced status compared to the rest of Africa.

So is the BEAUTIFUL South Africa primed for IM takeover?


My first gut reaction is for a newsletter type offering that’s sold via the famous agora style. Content might cover…style …beach updates…job openings…taxi forum…social change type…but nothing trading/investing.

The volume on something like that will be appealing to the masses…and the masses don’t have much money 🙁

But with labor being so cheap and readily available, selling physical products (with labor delivery services) there might be the same (or BETTER) margins…

I’ll need a few more months of research to really nail down my topic to start testing…so we’ll be staying on the beach until US Summer 🙂 (I WISH)

All that being said… here are important things to consider:

First, there’s a HUGE wealth gap here.

There’s the upper class and the lower class. Not much middle. Now, both classes have ‘buyers’ in them, but clearly (from my observations) the lower class probably isn’t in the market for a $497 John Carter Options Class… sorry John 😉

But they ARE buying and searching the internet, just like upper class. So money CAN be made there…

Second, the internet is pretty strong here.

Mobile data is pretty expensive, but almost ALL shops/restaurants have wifi, and EVERYONE is using it, and 95% are using it via their phones.

Now…based on me awkwardly asking people and watching, most web browsing is done on MOBILE. Everyone has smart phones and only the upperclass actually have laptops/desktops from which they browse the web from home.

So whatever is sold needs to be 100000% mobile friendly in terms of visual appeal…AND data drain.

Third, the mail/delivery services here are ‘ok’.

As much as we trash the United Postal Service, they do a better job then SA…BUT SA has MUCH cheaper labor for delivery. So companies that have sold physical products just kinda create their own shipping companies!

They start out local, then expand to next large town, then expand, etc etc.

Labor is the low priced commodity here, so whatever is done if you consider labor, consider it to be pennies on the dollar as to what you’d spend in the States.

Oh yeah…PEOPLE WANT TO WORK! It doesn’t matter what the job is…they WANT TO WORK!

So what angle would you take?

Physical sales utilizing cheap labor…

or…mobile web focused LOW PRICED newsletters/memberships?

I’ll be running John’s Launch (STARTING THURSDAY) from here, so expect early morning/evening emails from me 🙂

His topic will focus on the options patterns that CONSISTENTLY work…and what SITUATION they work in!

It’ll be huge as it’s EXACTLY what our customers are asking for: “Tell me what works, tell me when to use it”


P.S. Are you able to join John’s affiliate program and get a
few marketing promotions out to your list??

LET ME KNOW: brad@bradstafford.com

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