Rockwell Trading Review

Written by Brad

October 13, 2010…you might not have heard about them and that’s ok. So let me fill you in..they’ve been getting out there QUITE a bit and I’ve known the group for a while. They’ve grown their affiliate program the BEST WAY POSSIBLE…slowly, selectively, and controlled!


To make sure they work with the best! So when I asked if I could review them and introduce you to them to you, they said yes…but only because they know the people I work with are the best people in the industry!

So after digging around, chatting with other affiliates, and talking to their CEO and CFO, here are some important facts:

  • Markus’s free eBook, “The Complete Guide To Day Trading” is their top converting offer with a great upsell.
  • They typically see a 55-65% opt-in rate on this offer (according to them and a few top affiliates)
  • Once a person has opted-in for a free eBook, they are presented with an offer to purchase the “Day Trading Starter Package (DTSP)” at the reduced price of $7.00 (not too shabby considering all that this package is)
  • Our opt-in rate here is between 12-20% and we will give the affiliate the $7.00 we make on each of these orders
  • All payments will be made on the first of the month for the previous month
  • There is not waiting period, concerns over refunds, clawbacks, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more, getting a staff membership, and possibly teaming up with them…Contact Rollie ( for any additional questions…here’s the link.

Check back later!

Brad Stafford

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