June 2

Retargeting & Dealing with Fickle Consumers


Here’s the retargeting reality…

Sometimes we just CANNOT make consumers happy.

No matter how much we fret over copy, colors, offer, ad buys, creative,
timing, partners lined up, weather, etc etc etc…

Sometimes we just can’t crack them from clickers to buyers…UGH!

So what do WE DO!?!?!

Should we test more?

Should we microanalyze more?!?!



Honestly the easiest thing to do (and SHOULD be doing) is…


I was going to write a dozen or so reasons why you should be retargeting…but frankly if I have to ‘convince’ you that you need to be retargeting, then you’re already behind the 8-ball.

Do some research, spend the money, and RETARGET!

If you need advice on how to do this, then we can set up a Fee Based Consult, and/or I can point you in the direction of someone who I trust to manage a GREAT retargeting campaign.


P.S. June 11th John Carter and SimplerOptions.com
are running another HUGE Options focused marketing
campaign…we need 2 things:

1. Ad Sources for BUYING TRAFFIC

2. Affiliate partners who have an email list to monetize
and want long tail revenues.

Contact me for both: brad@bradstafford.com


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