Relationships, marketing, and traders

Written by Brad

August 31, 2010

Honestly this is one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen great (potential) marketers burn up their email list, or turn-off their site traffic because they failed to build a relationship.

Granted, it’s pretty hard online. You can’t sit down with someone over dinner and really get to know someone like you can in the ‘real-world.’ But there are still aspects of a dinner meeting that can be applied to how you maintain and grow that relationship. Here are my points specifically focused in the trading/investing space:

1. Be approachable
– If you’re marketing to traders they have to know you’re a trader too. Seems stupid, but really people miss this ALL THE TIME! Tell stories (in posts, ‘about me,’ or even one-on-one in the contact section) about your successes, failures, etc etc. If people view you as a source for great trading info, they’ll buy your stuff…and buy what you tell them to.

2. Careful who you partner with
– If you line yourself up with a site that you haven’t put through a proper vetting process, you’re going to get burned. No matter what the company says about how much you can make, how easy, etc etc…if they crap on your visitors with your ‘stamp of approval,’ get ready for some serious damage control. I’ve seen it many times, and continue to see it!

– It’s not only about how your leads/traffic will get treated…it’s about how you’re treated too! Say you send someone great traffic, you make sales, then you find yourself looking at your empty mailbox for a commission check. Now you’ve really been burned because they’ve made the money and you’re relying on them to get it to you. But that might not come. That’s a problem.

3. Interact!

– So many people focus their efforts on selling other stuff, or promoting the next free offer, etc. But they often fail to interact with their audience! Interaction, even on a mass scale, can be done. And it should be done! If you send a tweet about a free offer, instead of just tweeting the offer and telling people to click, why not ask them their opinion. (space is limited with twitter, so it’s best to drive traffic to your site FIRST where you can write a bit more)

– Asking people for their thoughts is a way to empower them. You might like something, but they might not, and if you say ‘tell me why’ that person instantly connects with you as a person. If people are taking their time to read, click, and respond why can’t you do the same? That word of mouth spreads and traffic, conversions, and sales will grow.

So…what do YOU think??

All my best,

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  1. Crude Oil Trader

    Great stuff Brad, glad top see you doing this. If you are new to affiliate marketing in the financial world read every word of Brad’s newsletters!

    • Brad

      You’re too kind Ray! I’m working on an article and might need you as a case study! email me:


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