September 22

Promote Forex…and like big checks?


If you’ve not heard of ProfitsRun don’t worry…now you have! These guys lead the ‘league’ in product launches and are targeting the Forex markets in their latest launch. Kevin Smith is their affiliate manager now, and so far his personal skills are clearly stellar, but his marketing prowess in this niche is yet to be discovered. BUT knowing Greg Poulous (the big brain behind the launches) I know with total certainty that Kevin’s more then a nice guy.

If you have some openings in your calendar, site, or twitter feed then I highly recommend these guys. Pay big commissions, deliver great customer service, and are honest! Here are some quick ProfitsRun facts before you join their INVITE ONLY (yes this is your invitation so open it and get signed up) affiliate program.

* These guys have been marketing online since 2001.

* They were among the very first to implement big ticket product launches in the forex and stock niches, earning over $20M in launches in just a few years.

* They shelled out over $2M in affiliate commissions in just 2009 alone.

* Their in-house trading “guru” has been trading the markets since 1974.

* Their in-house marketing geek & company co-founder has been recognized by top internet marketers such as Jeff Walker, Stephen Pierce, Yanik Silver and others as a product launch expert.

* They’re constantly spending big bucks ($1M+ so far) on paid media testing out promos with “cold traffic” to make sure what you get WORKS and CONVERTS.

* They have a REAL OFFICE with real employees.

* They have a dedicated affiliate manager to make sure YOU get taken care of.

* …and maybe best of all, they are about to UNLEASH a totally brand new Forex home study course, Forex Profit Multiplier in early October.

But there IS a catch.

* This is a CLOSED affiliate program and you need to apply.

However, since I am inviting you, there’s a very good chance you’ll be accepted.  If they ask, tell them I sent you…

Go here and get in on the action

Yes they do launch marketing, but from what I’ve seen from their back-end, it should perform pretty darn well!

All my best,


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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
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