March 17

Pedigree is Essential



This is a SPECIAL guest post by Casey Phelan
on behalf of his AWESOME client Guy Cohen.
It’s VERY important that you read this article,
then jump on board with his launch coming up

Launch Dates: April 16th – April 24th…BOOK IT! 

Honestly his program will DELIVER from a marketing,
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Why a pedigree is essential…and why the ‘class’ will flourish

I’ve been on the marketing and affiliate side of the trading/financial industry for almost 7 years now.  In the early days it was common to see many of those so-called ‘underground experts’. For example- Trader X, with a blacked out silhouette as his headshot…along with headlines like –

“Underground trader reveals his secrets, but must keep his identity confidential”.

As the market has grown more saturated over the years with available products, courses, software, and experts – and the consumer has become more jaded and careful with their purchases – this type of marketing has become progressively less effective.  For the most part this type of marketing has evaporated because of the demand for legitimate pedigree has grown progressively stronger.

The market is also now conditioned to be introduced to an expert via video or webinar.  Which means customers can pick up on lack of experience or confidence far quicker than just reading some copy (which was probably written by someone else anyhow).

I know what you’re thinking…good salesman does not equal good trader! Yes, absolutely.  But, an unconvincing presenter on a webinar, someone who lacks experience or confidence, will have people heading for the exit quicker than Brad Stafford can de-feather a chicken in his backyard farm.

The reality is that an authentic pedigree is now more important than ever before, and soon it will be absolutely essential.

Of course, anyone selling a product must start somewhere.  And I understand that not everyone who has a valuable product to offer will also be a best-selling author…but I believe the days of the underground anonymous trader with all of the secrets is well and truly behind us.  Consumers want to know who you are, what’s your background, and why should they spend any amount of time or money with you.  Transparency is everything!

…and often times this just simply means ‘nurturing’ leads along the way, even during a compact product launch.  Each step, each pre-launch content piece, each webinar, it’s vital to reiterate why you’re the expert and why they would be crazy not to listen up.

In my experience over the years, customers just simply want to feel comfortable with their purchase and who they’re dealing with.   The ways in which you make a prospect feel comfortable are:

1) Have a legit background that solidifies your expertise; and

2) Be able to deliver your message confidently in an easy-to-digest manner.  You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard “My decision was easy…as I know Guy’s background and who I’m dealing with” or “my decision was easy…I knew within minutes that Guy knew what he was talking about given the way he explains his strategies.”

All of this goes hand in hand with my next point, and why I believe the live (online) class model is working so well…and will continue to flourish. Traders want to feel they’re being taught by the source, and not being pawned off to a third party or junior, or to figure it all out on their own.   Granted, video tutorials will always provide value, I’ve simply noticed a much stronger demand for personal interaction.  Teaching in a live online class has shown to be much more desirable since traders can get instant feedback and instant interaction…they feel a sense of community.

The live class also allows your followers to see things ‘first hand’.  They can experience how the expert analyzes the market, looks for a trade setup, uses the exact tools/software they were just sold, etc. This also helps with building rapport, makes them more comfortable with an up-sell, and creates a long term customer (who will potentially buy again).

*And now for my shameless plug*

So, what do all the above insights have in common?  They describe Guy Cohen to a TEE. I’ve worked with Guy Cohen since late ’09, and we have a very exciting launch coming up in mid-April (starting April 16th).  Guy is one of the most respected traders and innovators in the financial industry.  He’s the author of four bestselling books, published by FT Prentice Hall & Wiley out of New York.

Click here for his Amazon profile.

Along with having written some of the most sought after books, tools, and education in the industry…Guy is also a seasoned presenter and speaker, having given live seminars for over 10 years, as well as countless successful online launches. The April launch is most exciting due to the fact that we’re bringing Guy’s OptionEasy course and software back to the retail market.  This is the same software that has been licensed to the NYSE and Euronext for nearly a decade, and consists of some of the most innovative trading tools in the industry. The initial launch offering will be a Live online class presented by Guy personally, which will include an upsell to the OptionEasy software.

For exact dates, to sign up as an affiliate, and for a short video from Guy discussing the launch and product a bit further…please Click Here.   Also, feel free to reach me directly at and we hope to have you on board!


Honestly, Guy’s one of the real good guys in the biz and you should REALLY check this out,
check your calendar, and talk to Casey.


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Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
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