Our Flight Plan!!

Written by Brad

May 31, 2015

After a lot of flight research, prayer, back and forth, etc etc…


Here’s the plan…

1. August 17th departure

2. A MUCH needed 2 day layover in London for mom and dad to recover from the flight 🙂

3. August 20th arrival

Where we’re staying…TBD 🙂

But we’re trusting that God will lead us to the right place for our family
as He’s gotten us this far!

With our tickets being booked, we are in need of your help and financial support.

Please donate to our mission trip HERE

(click here to go to Shephard’s Staff donation page connected to us)

Thank you for your prayers, financial support, and notes/calls/texts of encouragement!

It’s not an easy process…but one we’re moving forward with thanks in part to your help!


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