That’s hard to tell people…

Especially when you’re an affiliate manager wanting as many people mailing as possible…

And a great way to do that, is to promise to give reciprocate mailings for their offer…

So when you tell people ‘no’ they get upset. But honestly, its USUALLY for the best…no matter how mad people get when you tell them no.

But you have to take care of your customers and prospects, you need to protect your business, and (DUH) maximize your profits.

What really got me thinking about this is a call I’m TRYING to set up with a company that would be a great affiliate partner for my clients…but the problem is they’re currently stuck in the ‘we don’t need to mail for anyone’ mindset. Raise your hand if you think they’re behind the 8-ball and missing out on HUGE business not working with my clients…yes I see all hands raised 🙂

But it’s still frustrating because I’ve been doing this for 8 years…have been blessed with success…and KNOW that working with the right people is the difference between a multimillion dollar company, and a struggling one.

So as someone who represents some pretty big names let me tell you what I’M looking for when I’m agreeing to recip for an affiliate partner…and you can bring up your standards and follow me 🙂

1. Taking Care of YOUR Customers…

You as the affiliate manager/list owner need to first and foremost think about your customers and prospects. So that means you’ll need to do some legwork to determine the quality of the product and marketing material. I know it’s annoying to watch the lead gen videos, and read the reports, but I can tell you that if you’re not interested…chances are your people won’t be interested.

And when you promote something sub-par to them…you’re lowering your standards and lessening your chances of sales to those ‘disheartened’ prospects.

So before you recip, ask to see all the marketing material, the product, etc etc. There are times when you can trust a company/affiliate manager so use your best discernment (previous material, previous successes, etc) when making that decision.

2. Take Care of Your Business…

Good golly there are a lot of short term thinkers in our business! They’ve convinced themselves that leads aren’t any good to them after 90 days in their marketing funnel…as if their marketing funnel is the STANDARD by which all lead life is judged!! Give me a break.

So when you’re planning on reciping for another company think about what effect that mailing will have on your list LONG TERM. Will you lose credibility because you’re promoting a signal service when you talk about how bad signal services are?

3. Maximize Your Company’s Profits…

Here’s a simple math problem…which is greater: 70% or 30%?

If you answered 30%, please close this window and go back to clown college 🙂

We have to understand that a company ALWAYS makes more if someone else is selling their products vs selling other peoples’ products. So it should be your goal to get others to mail for you and your company. If you have the upper hand in the discussion (upper hand = big list, high converting products, proven success, etc etc), then you as an affiliate manager SHOULD expect the other company to promote for you. No matter how great or big they claim to be…this is the internet…it’s the ‘show me’ state. And until you show me…you’ve gotta mail first because my clients make MORE when you sell their stuff. It’s that simple.

HOWEVER, you can monetize leads in your database that have not, or not YET, bought any products from you. It’s crazy to assume that your leads ONLY want to buy your stuff…and the reality is that they trust you enough to point them in the right direction…so why not earn some extra money by pointing them in the direction of something you’ve already checked out and approved?

There are times when you might send for someone knowing their product, although a GOOD product (that’s always the key), might not sell as well because of the marketing. Heck there are times when I’m a softie and want to help people who are GREAT PEOPLE out…that’s just me though, use your best judgement 😉

Did I forget something?

Do you not agree with one of the above points?



P.S. It also NEVER HURTS TO JUST ASK!! Just know with me…I’m looking doing the above 🙂