You know those Russian dolls that have a doll inside a doll inside a doll?

Well, think of your marketing like that.


Probably…I’m a real deep thinker 😉

Let me explain…

In short, the key with your sales marketing is to be as focused as possible. John, for example, focuses on trading options, then teaching options in a class setting, then teaching trading options in a class setting to smarter buyers. There are several layers in there that allow him to focus his efforts, his message, and his sales pitch.

Others might focus on trading, then chart patterns, then newbies. Take a look at what you’re SELLING (because that’s what we’re all doing here right??), and see if what you’re selling is niched down as much as it should/could be.

You’ll need to ‘work’ within each niche to get down to the 3rd level or so, but it’s well worth it.

Now what you’ll need to do is work yourself and your marketing down to a final ‘niche’ and that’s where you’ll sell people.

“But how do I niche myself down there Brad?”

Good question 🙂

The first level is the most obvious. Your area of expertise is futures. OK, so level 1 niche is futures trading.

Moving to level 2 is where you’ll start to look FIRST at what your customer NEEDS and WANTS. Survey them, read support tickets…and actually TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! Second, look inward and what you’re really good at from a product creation side AND selling side. Let’s say you’re a fantastic chart reader and you’re awesome and creating workbooks and your customers want that…so your level 2 niche might be ‘futures trading charting guides.’ You’ve got your general product to sell and your target audience.

Level 3 is where you’ll dive into the buyer even more. Figure out if you should go high end, low end, fickle, subscription based, etc etc. So level 3 in this case might be ‘futures trading charting guides monthly subscription.’

Make sense?

Good –  I knew you could follow along 🙂

Once you’re able to get to level 3…then you can REALLY make some money and have some fun with level 4 where you would be targeting that niche even more…charting guides for Oil, for Gold, etc etc.

So what questions do you have? What comments are on the tip of your tongue?

Need me to analyze your niche within a niche within a niche?