August 10

Next Wave Of Products That Customers Want


next wave

All summer it’s been test after test…customer call after customer call…with one goal, to provide the next wave of products that customers want.


Now beyond that internal testing, I’ve been working with others behind the scenes to see what they’re doing, what’s working, what’s not, etc. to figure out how John’s September launch can go ABOVE and beyond the normal.

To beat expectations…to beat what everyone else is trying to sell to YOUR leads.

Here’s what I found, and what we’re doing for John’s September launch:

Timely and CURRENT MARKET Relevant Products

After reviewing a ton of data, the customers NOW are looking for products (CLASSES IN OUR CASE) that they can instantly put to use in TODAY’S ACTIVE MARKET!

For example…

A month ago, customers were raging for products related to volatility, today…not.Why??

A month ago, volatility was NUTS!! Today…not so much.So here’s what JOHN is doing:

1. Testing our process to make sure we’ve got the best converting squeeze pages and WEBINARS possible.

2. Waiting until the WEEK BEFORE our launch (Starts Sept 1) to come up with the MARKET RELEVANT HOOK!!Sounds crazy right??

But it’s what’s WORKING!!

We can create whole processes very quickly, and if people only want the most TIMELY stuff…LET’S GIVE IT TO THEM!

So now that you know that we’re going to soak up ALL THE BUZZ…please mark these dates down and confirm with me:

September dates are CONFIRMED as follows:
September 1st: VIDEO RELEASE
(we’re planning something VERY special this time)

September 9th: FIRST WEBINAR
(testing a few things that your leads have NEVER seen)

September 15th: FINAL WEBINAR
(where the big money is ;))

I will be running this launch while MOVING TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!And I’ll need your help big time…can I count on you?

Thanks in advance for your help and participation!


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