May 23

Mutual Success


In our industry the KEY to long term success, in my opinion, is working with people who are focused on mutual success of each other.

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OK…in affiliate marketing it’s all about relationships.

But I’d like your input on the following points regarding importance of each towards a company relationship that focuses on mutual success. I need it because I’ve been getting a lot of ‘noobs’ calling and emailing me. I guess they think I’m an expert or something ;)!

So of the below, which do you think it most important, not important, or are they all of equal importance??

–¬†Affiliate manager‘s ability to keep promises, provide¬†transparent¬†support, and actually have PULL with owners to work deals.

We all know some great people who are affiliate managers…but have ZERO pull with the owners of the company. They talk a good game of working with you, but when it comes time to deliver, they fail. Or the ones that you can’t seem to get a straight answer from regarding your stats.

–¬†Owners who drop their ego and work towards success. With as much money as some of these guys make, it can be very hard to be humble.

I can think of at least three times where an owners pride and ego cost them at least 100k in profits because of refusal to bend, or even think about the other party in a deal.

Product quality…does the quality of the product beat out all the above important keys to mutual success?

When a product is bad and you promote it…you look bad. But if it converts…is that worth it?

If there’s ANYTHING you want to add, GO FOR IT! We’ll hash it out in the comments.

Let me know your thoughts…



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2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • Brad:

    The sweater stays, it’s now as much a part of your brand as the gold chains are to Mr. T.

    The only type of business that’s sustaining is a relationship that begins, and remains…”win-win.” If I cut a deal with someone else and I win and they lose, or more importantly even if they win but FEEL like they “lose”, then that business will not repeat in the future and I’ll have to go drum up some other prospects. Worse, the business contact that I just “beat” will tell all of their network that I’m no good to deal with. In today’s social media world, word gets out fast.

    So I like your “mutual” theme. If you’re a business partner, only when I ensure that YOU win….will I ultimately win as well.


    p.s. a kilt would really make you memorable

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