August 10

Meet Shepherd….

I’ve met some awesome people in the now year (WOW) since
my family and I moved to Cape Town…

And each person has his/her own compelling story, own unique
challenges they’ve overcome, and I’m blessed to know ALL of them!

But today let’s focus on my friend Shepherd!

Inception level cell phone pics :)
Inception level cell phone pics 🙂

Shepherd is from Zimbabwe, married, with children, living in Masi
with a growing pig farm and blossoming business in the telecom
industry…Wait WHAT?!

Did you say growing pig farm and telecom business??


This man is, by ANY standard, successful. Heck his new telecom
business he’s starting next month (after graduation) will earn him
more a month in DOLLARS then a lot of people I know back home!

But here’s what’s interesting and inspiring about Shep…

He’s ALWAYS asking questions and NEVER stops learning!!

Here’s a guy who could easily rest in his laurels, or focus on one
thing and do alright overall…but here he is LEARNING more and
more each and every day.

Picking the brains of EVERYONE around him.

Me…teachers…security guards…other students (sorry girls ;))…
and anyone who he thinks he can learn from!

At first he kinda wore on people. Rightly so, no one REALLY
likes people that ask a lot of questions. But in this setting he
was able to ask questions boldly that others might be thinking
and never spoke up about, or EVEN BETTER…he got people

His willingness to ask opened a lot of great, deep conversations
that I’ll never forget. His biblical insights, as I heard this morning,
are so on point it just gets me motivated to study more myself!

Early on Shepherd stood out as a talker ;)
Early on Shepherd stood out as a talker 😉

We talk politics, racism, money, business, marriage rituals,
pigs, tomatoes, on and on and on and on!

It’s awesome and when he leaves…I’ll miss him.

Shepherd, you can always count me as a friend and when
you need online marketing help know that I’ll be charging
you MAX RATES!! 🙂




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