October 12

Marketing Success = NEVER SAY THIS!


Whatever you’re doing, take a few minutes to read this quick email and call it a REMINDER!

Bookmark this because I’m finding myself saying this OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! And frankly, I’d just like to point people to this post and save myself the effort.


Ask some of the best marketers in the world, you have to constantly be adapting your marketing.

Look at successful marketers like Tai Lopez, Justin Brooke, Frank Kern, etc etc…they’re always changing their ads and processes to find the BEST process that’s working NOW.

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing your ad copy headlines. Sometimes it’s as difficult as creating NEW products…

But ultimately it’s worth the effort.

Never rest on what’s working now. Or dwell in the past of what used to work.CLICK TO TWEET

Focus on adapting RIGHT NOW, and never being content with what you have because as quickly as it starts working…it can stop.

In addition to testing your strategies, you need to TEST YOUR AD SOURCES!

Let me take you back several years…to the beginning of Facebook. When Facebook launched I tested ads on it. Ran different ebooks direct to sale pages, etc. And for the first few years came up empty. The results just were NOT there. Fast forward to a few years back, and I tested it AGAIN…this time with MUCH different! Our current TradersNewsMedia clients can attest to that fact!

The main point being to NEVER settle with your marketing…strategies OR sources. Things will change, you will need new methods and sources…so go out and get them!

If you need someone to take a look at your process, ads, etc. let me know and we book you for a FREE hour call/review. I’ll be brutally honest and share what I’m learning EVERYDAY from building funnels, sales pages, offers, ads, etc etc etc.

Email me if you want my unbiased and outside review: brad@bradstafford.com

In addition to new ADS you should also be testing new AD SOURCES. And frankly if you’ve not testing TradersNewsMedia.com then you might be missing out on a huge channel that’s a done for you, unique lead generation, and high volume source! Contact me for info on both ????




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