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Marketing on Social Media without Selling Your Soul




I’ve gotten more and more questions about this topic from friends, business associates, and my wife and I
have actually discussed it in length: Marketing on Social Media

Now if you’re not promoting your business, or selling anything on Social Media you can PROBABLY
disregard this post.

But I also think you SHOULD because you’re always promoting yourself – who you are, what’s important
to you, and how you want the world to see you.

Here’s the gist of my thesis: BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!




If you want to successfully (driving traffic to your site, gaining quality followers) market on social media
without selling your soul, you simply need to document your REAL life.

Chances are that your life isn’t perfect. Chances are that you do not always sit around at the beach
thanks to your trading or your company. Chances are that you don’t daily have a life that’s filled with lambo’s,
fancy dinners, easy living all the time, or any of the other fake stuff that’s clogging up your brain on social media.

BE YOU! And we all know if you’re renting fancy cars for the sake of a picture, then it’s NOT you and people
will see through it once they get to know you.

Because eventually, the truth of who you are will come out, and either you’ll be ok with that…or you wont.

Ok, so HOW do you do that? Know yourself!



If you want to attract young, get-rich-quick type of people, then fire up the rented helicopter and the
diamond encrusted watches. The problem with those followers are that they rarely turn into LONG TERM
quality customers. They might buy your first ‘thing’ but when they realize they actually have to WORK
in order to even come close to what you’re portraying on social media, they’ll flee and you’ll have to start the hype
train all over again.

But if you KNOW that your buyers, your long time followers, the people who make your business possible,
are NOT that type of person then think about what THEY want in what YOU have.

They might want your freedom to travel.

They might want your contentment in your business.

They might want a relationship with their family the way that YOU have.

They might want a success story like yours….

Yes you can still highlight your products qualities, but social media is documenting what YOUR life is,
and what your audiences WANTS about it.

So be REAL, document, and attract people that you know are going to follow the methods that got you
to where you are.

And don’t shy away from the hard parts. The more REAL you are, the more you’ll stick out.





Second, you need to build your tribe and communicate with them directly knowing that your messages,
updates, products, and tips are being delivered!

Once you’ve got the messaging and posting right, then how do you convert those people into sales?
You need to take them from casual social media follower to a tribe member (lead) to a sale.

Frankly it’s simple, give them what HELPS THEM.

These are TEPID leads (they’re not cold as from an ad source like FB or Google, and they’re not warm
as a lead that’s been recommended by a partner or another trusted source). So with tepid leads, you’ll
still have to implement a COLD TRAFFIC funnel as that will give them the best
view of your business and how you want to help them.

They’re following you on social media because of the first thing you’re doing, but the HOW you got
there is the second point I’m trying to make:

Give them what they need that YOU used to help you achieve what they’re
looking for.

Start them on the journey WITH you. Is that a simple ebook? Video explaining
what you do/methods/etc?

Give them the tools or guide to help them achieve what you’ve been able to.
If it’s great trading success, 
then document exactly what’s needed and what
helped YOU.

  People want to follow your journey and know the map that got you there.

I know not everyone can do it, but your goal is to genuinely help people move towards what you’ve done.
That is to HELP PEOPLE!

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If you’d like guidance on how to craft your social media strategy for success and/or improve your cold
traffic conversions CONTACT ME TODAY for a free consultation.


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Here’s what my network is saying…

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  • Great article! 🙂 I found this part really interesting…

    “If you want to attract young, get-rich-quick type of people, then fire up the rented helicopter and the diamond encrusted watches. The problem with those followers are that they rarely turn into LONG TERM quality customers.”

    I used to work with a few big influencers and bloggers in the past, and while they had the ‘large following’ – they struggled a lot to generate sales for the brands they were affiliated with.

    Until I started working in this space, I never even knew what a funnel was haha. Imagine if ALL these influencers had that… That would be such a huge a game changer.

    • I think cold traffic is VERY hard for a lot of people in general. That’s why you see a lot clinging to warm traffic sources that are drying up, or rather have seen an offer/person many many times before. Warm traffic is great…for a while. But it’s a VERY limited source! Gotta get the new blood and be able to CONVERT COLD TRAFFIC!!

      Maybe that’s my next article…hmmmmmm….

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