This is a topic that’s really been on my mind and
after seeing a few things recently that really made
me cringe…I had to get my thoughts down.

Desperation/Greed/Desire for quick growth do
NOT equal long term success.

Sounds simple enough, but the reality is that sometimes
we as marketers and business owners see a chance
at the next big thing, or an ‘easy win’ and jump on it
only to learn down the road…man that sucked.

Seven years has given me a unique spot where I can
kinda look at what everyone is doing now…then stick
around long enough to see the results. I’ve seen a
number of large companies try stuff that bombed then
and ended up doing even WORSE harm down the road.

I watched one company that was small, but growing at
a sure and steady pace, change one little thing that grew
their market share leaps and bounds…only to have that
growth completely wiped out, and the company ended
up going under…sad really.

I won’t go into details about what I saw or what I SEE,
as I hold that info for clients.

But the advice I can give you is this…

1. Take a step back and out of the hype

– What I mean is that sometimes we get so wrapped up
in the next big thing, or a huge potential deal, that we
don’t stop and assess the long term potential.

2. Ask a trusted source for insight

– This is often the hardest thing to do, as you can tell
yourself all sorts of lies to discredit this person’s knowledge
of YOUR situation in order to go with the ‘new thing’.

3. Dig for more

– If others are using it…there are others that AREN’T anymore
and you should figure out WHY! Learn from others 🙂

That’s all for now…so start with #1 and if you have anything
to add the comment section is OPEN!