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I’m sorry…you know how you’re ‘list building’ right now?

Yeah…you’re doing it wrong.

How do I KNOW!?…easy…

My name tag at home :)
My name tag at home ūüôā

As you know (or not), I’ve been building a number of lists,

analyzing how others are building their lists, talking to others
about what they’re doing and SEEING, and making quite a
bit of profit for myself and my clients…

So I feel like I can confidently tell you what do to ūüôā

What I’m about to say¬†isn’t focused on¬†any ONE
person/company in particular, but the truth is, some of
the insights below can be applied to your marketing.



First, you should be running MULTIPLE OFFERS!

You should be running Multiple Offers!
You should be running Multiple Offers!

The best part about running multiple offers is you have more
spaghetti to throw against the wall to see what sticks! Your
goal is to make more money right?

Well what happens when you run ONE offer at a time…well
you do have more time to focus on ONE thing at a time, but
you also stretch out the time between finding the RIGHT
offer…because more often then not, it’ll take you a few offers
to find one that REALLY resonates with your audience.

If you only focus on one offer at a time, you’ll be building
your list with ONE type of person…and that person might
not be a BUYER! So you’re taking too long to build your
list with people who ARE buyers…but the right front end
offer to HIT that group isn’t usually discovered after one
offer test.

The biggest problem I see…you actually being able to
create and manage multiple offers. It’s a lot of work to
brainstorm, story board, create, test, then deploy ONE
offer…much less three.

Solution…outsource it.
(this is going to be the theme of this article ;))


You NEED Multiple Traffic Sources
You NEED Multiple Traffic Sources

This SHOULD be an obvious one for you…right?

I know for my lists I’m testing a BUNCH of sources¬†because if I test to see what works…then I can spend¬†more¬†money, make more money…and…say it with me…

Be better stewards of our money!

HA…you thought I was going to say ‘get rich’!

But it’s true, if we find good sources to build our
email lists, then we can make more money, and
spend our money more intelligently! I’ve seen so
many people go under or into the red just spending
without testing multiple sources for quality.

So you HAVE to test multiple sources to find those
good quality leads to build your list into a winner.

Don’t have the time/knowledge of how to do that?



I love ice cream THIS MUCH!
Marketing Funnel Master…

That’s just a cool pic I came across the other day,¬†no point to it.

Anyway, building a BIG list is really only possible¬†if you’re actually CONVERTING those leads into¬†tangible revenue…which requires a GREAT marketing¬†funnel!

I was talking with a big advertising guy in our space
the other day:

“Brad it’s CRAZY…these guys will spend 10k a month
on ads, have¬†an awful marketing funnel…then complain
they’re¬†not getting the conversions! But they’re too
cheap (or stupid) to see the value in a good funnel!”


1. It’s hard to build because creating a profitable funnel
is more then just throwing up some emails and links.
It’s a trained SKILL to build a profitable funnel…just
like being a GREAT trader.

You’ve practiced, learned, tested, etc etc…to become
a great trader. Same is true with funnel building.

2. Without a profitable funnel…YOU CAN’T SPEND AND GROW!
How can you spend money consistently when your
leads aren’t turning into buyers?! It’s a vicious cycle.


OK, now go take an inventory of the above…then email me
so I can help you with ALL of the above ūüôā

Email me HERE:

Talk soon,

P.S. Comments are OPEN…


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  • Good points Brad. The funnel is single-most important line item in any email marketer’s budget.

    Most people seem to spend the time and money on site design. But the site is NOT what sells – emails sell.

    I’ll take a crummy looking website with an expertly developed email funnel any day.

  • Agree with the need to test multiple traffic sources to find those good quality leads to build a money-making list. Stands to reason, too, each source should be tested with multiple messages, as well. Likewise, some greater dynamic sense of when a given traffic source and message proves most productive seems a fruitful endeavor over the long-term–list building strategies benchmarked to specific market conditions. Obviously, the ultimate determinant of a list’s fruitfulness is a sales funnel doing yeoman’s work entertaining, educating and empowering the spendthrift 80% while at the same time raising probability the 20% who are a list’s pay dirt see their desired reality ultimately fostered in truth.

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