With Labor Day right around the corner I want to address discounts.

There are pro’s and con’s…in this article I plan to address only a few
of each that would influence me one direction or the other. There are
LOADS of reasons for doing them, and not, but for the sake of time
(because I’ve got John Carter’s launch to manage and about a
dozen other things) I’m going to only address a few that would push
me towards or against, and then I’ll give my final conclusion…

So let’s talk about ‘discounts’ shall we? 🙂

First, I DO want to hear your thoughts in the comment section…it’s OPEN 🙂

What I’ll do is list a PRO…and it’s CON.

1. Pro: Running a major discount brings in a TON of buyers and pumps
up sales numbers! Nothing better then hitting a huge sales goal while
reaching customers who were either on the fence, or never really
interested at all!

1. Con: You’ve now front loaded your sales numbers for a potential
record weekend, month, quarter, with badly trained people. These
are now customers who’ve you trained to expect a major discount on
ANYTHING/EVERYTHING you sell. In my experience with more effort
in your funnels, your external advertising, and affiliate deals could
have been montized MUCH better!

Let’s think about that…while you think here’s a funny GIF:

MMMMMM...dino treat

Dino loves fries…and discounts?

OK focus…that literally had nothing to do with the article, but it’s funny
and we all need a laugh 🙂

2. Pro: You’ve now filled up your list with buyers, even at a low level,
and buyers on your list is a GREAT THING! With buyers on the list
you’ve already gained their trust. They want your product bad enough
that they pulled out a credit card and purchased…NICE!

2. Con: You’ve trained to expect a major discount and (in my experience)
have a MUCH lower chance of buying anything again, or at a fair market
value rate. Customers are smart and once you train them to see you’re
willing to give away the farm…they’re going to expect the farm…

Another funny gif? Nah…here’s number 3

3. Pro: You’ve exposed your quality products to a much larger audience
then you ever have, or could have before, in such a short period of time!
Your product is awesome, we all know that…and now thanks to the
discount a HUGE number of people know that and can experience that

3. Con: Congrats…You’ve watered your product down. When you think
of awesome and quality suits, do you think of Brooks Brothers or
Joseph A Banks? Exactly. No matter how awesome the product is people
will equate it with discount.

So do you agree? Did I miss something?