Let’s talk about your email list…

Written by Brad

March 14, 2013

First, watch the clip below and replace ‘sale’ with list…

See that ‘sale’ that Tommy destroys is often what people do to their email lists.

It’s not their fault…

Oh man – Been There. Done That.

They’re excited…they want to love their email list (in the right way) and make a LOT of money…

Then they go nuts and soon they’re not making the money they wanted to, or used to, and they’re left wondering.


A few years back, when I first started helping people on my own, a guy who we’ll call ‘Mr. Smith’ came to me looking for help. He had built a decent list that listened to him and bought his stuff. Honestly he was doing well for himself by just BEING HIMSELF.

Then he started reading about what the ‘internet marketing experts’ were doing…and decided to start emailing his list discounts on his product for any reason. “Memorial Day Sale”…”Almost Spring Sale”…”Double Sale in a Week Sale”…you get the point. He had ‘saled’ his list to the ends of the Earth, so close to the Mariana Trench, where they stopped opening his ‘non-sales’ emails, and stopped reading his content. By the time he wound up on my proverbial doorstep his list size and revenue had suffered an 80% drop…

Charting the Course – Sale-ing WITH the Winds!

GOOD NEWS…I CAN HELP YOU AVOID DOING (or help you recover ;)) from THAT…and MORE!

That’s my plan anyway over the next few weeks.

But before I start to lay out the master email marketing plan, I need to hear from YOU.

What problems have you seen/done? Where did someone really fall short with their list? What is something that you see a lot of people do, but you don’t like?

No need to call people out here, talk in general terms as my goal here is to HELP! No need to bring anyone down.

So you can email me directly brad@bradstafford.com or comment below.

Take 5 min, think of something, and let me know!


P.S. I’ve been blessed to learn from a LOT of mistakes, and my aim is to pass those lessons onto you!

My first lesson “In the Beginning was…List BUILDING”

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