The leads are weak?!

Written by Brad

October 29, 2014

“The leads are weak?!..YOU’RE WEAK”
– Alec Baldwin; Glengarry Glen Ross

If you know that quote, you know that scene.

It’s an amazing situation…the real estate salesman
are all coming in on a dark and stormy night and
they walk into a…errr…ummm…pep talk? 😉

Alec Baldwin basically retorts one of the sales guys
comments about how the leads are weak. Alec is
beside himself and fires back ‘YOU’RE WEAK!’

This got me thinking about a call I had the other
day with a company who kept talking about all
the bad lead sources they tried. I got to the point
where I was sick of the whining and eventually
told them…YOU’RE WEAK!

(I had that scene playing in my head when I blurted
it out)

They were taken aback, but then I went on to explain
maybe it’s YOU that’s the problem…not the source.

Think about it for your own ads…are YOU the problem?

Now…here are three ad sources that I consider the
‘Mitchem Murry’ of ad sources…so read carefully
and contact them for a test:

1. Facebook and Zero-Opt Lead Gen capabilities:

The facebook campaigns I’m running, now for clients, are sending
the quality leads that helped me earn a HUGE ROI when promoting
John Carter. I’ve got the demo AND the process nailed…email me.

2. Email: Morgan Busby <> Financial Media Corp
Best lists in the biz…they always convert on GOOD funnels.

3. Co-Reg: Tim Bourquin <> AfterOffers
Quality co-reg that has vetted sources and targeted leads!
Oh, and if you have a list, or are BUILDING a list, talk to Tim
as well on how to cover your list building costs 🙂


They do not come on the lot lest they want to BUY gentleman (and ladies ;))


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  1. Thierry Martin

    Often the leads ARE weak. Same offer, different lists, big difference.

  2. Tim Bourquin

    Good points Brad. I take some extra time with new list owners to look at their funnels before having them spend any money with us. I make suggestions as to how they can point the user in the direction of becoming a customer more quickly.

    I’d rather do this first and have their campaign work and come back for more. It’s more work and time but worth it long-term.

  3. Chris Vermeulen

    Great points Brad. In most cases, its the ad does not match the type of client source well enough, or a poor follow-up funnel.


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