December 14

Is your customer a CLIENT?

That’s a question that sprung from an article I read
Zen of Creating Clients That Love You” and I wanted
to expand upon that for OUR niche…trading 😉

First, read the article above…go ahead I’ll wait.



I remember a few years back I thought I knew it all!
I was working with a guy who really rubbed a lot o
people the wrong way. He was too ‘in your face’,
his niche wasn’t ‘upper class’ trading, and he was
(still is) young.

He took a lot of heat, including from me, on how he
marketed but his products sold and his customers
were LOYAL clients. Loyal to the point of defending
him to any trashtalker on the web…loyal enough to
basically buy and do whatever he said…loyal enough
to help create an internet millionaire that most other
‘internet millionaires’ just didn’t like!

HE does a fantastic job of creating clients…here’s how:

First, he gives them what they want. They want the
‘just like them’ expert who became rich in a way
that they can ACTUALLY do themselves and the key
to that is his knowledge of his audience…

Last week I wrote about the importance of targeting.
This guy is able to give his clients the material and
offers THEY WANT! He could have expanded but he likes
his world…and he’s the king of it 😉

Second, he gives them what they NEED. Everyone wants
to feel like they’re ‘in the know’. It doesn’t matter if they’re
doing internet marketing, trading stocks, or working at a
car dealership! What he does, and what I do, is provide
clients with news and ‘word on the street’ that only a
high level ‘player’ would know/have! In his case he’s
able to ‘dish’ on things in one place that one of his clients
would have to do some serious digging for. They CRAVE
that inside info and because he’s able to give them that,
he’s created a very rabid group of buyers and followers.

The above have done one main/overarching thing…


What are some things that YOU can do to create an
even MORE loyal client base…or turn your customers
into clients?

Talk soon,


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