August 20

Is “Launch” Marketing Dead…


…Or in need of some changes?

First let me say that this is not a ‘hit piece’ on launch marketing. I’m asking questions to YOU, my loyal reader, and giving you some of my insight so you can give me some feedback into what you’ve personally seen and/or felt about launches in the trading/investing niche.

Second, many of us know the Jeff Walker launch style of marketing: use affiliates to push free offers that all lead up to an event, then opening (and eventual closing) of a product. There’s a time limit and quantity limit on the product and it’s a mad cash grab to get leads buying.

I describe this type of marketing as the “ONE NIGHT STAND” approach. I say this because everything that’s happening with that lead is focused on closing the deal by any means possible. “I’m leaving for Japan in the morning, there’s only ONE of me, blah blah blah.” It works…but is it sustainable?

For years this method has been the bread and butter of many TOP sites. They run the launches well, convert leads, and everyone wins.

But what about in this economy? Are leads wising up to the launch style? Do they know a ‘webinar’ is coming? Do they know that ’10 people returned the course and if you didn’t get it then you have your chance now’?

I think leads are wising up and I think in this economy the leads need to be treated differently.

Let’s take a look at a few questions that I’ve been asking myself…and I’d like your thoughts and opinions as well.

* Is that ‘dream sell’ method the best for the customer?

Even if the product is good, will they really be able to trade like the launch shows? Most of the launch style of marketing is focused on a ‘dream’ of being a great trader ‘if you only BLANK (fill in pitch for product here)’. For the most part these products work, and work well, but if they are oversold and not put into realistic terms does the customer really ‘win’? Or do they feel used and burned like a bad car deal after they can’t make it work?

Thinking about the customer is always important, and for the most part the launch style marketing takes that into account. But with the economy being in shambles and traders sitting on the sidelines, should the style reel it in a bit and say ‘hey this is the product, it’s hard to make it work, but you can do it with our help.’ Or should the ‘dream’ be sold HARDER?

Possible Solution: I think the key will be bringing people back to reality. The reality is that trading is HARD!! The chances they will survive is very slim…fact. But if the sales approach is focusing more on the amount of work needed to learn the system, achieve profits, and maintain success, then the customer will respect that more. Be more transparent, teach them more, provide more, and be honest with what to expect.

* Are those leads buying again and again…or just the once…maybe?

Sorry but I’ve got to end it here! Have a number of calls lined up this afternoon that I can’t miss. I’ll jump back into this tonight and try to get it to you asap!

Brad Stafford

P.S. My wife/editor told me I need to make my site ‘prettier’ with pictures and videos…what do YOU think? Please respond in the comment section…


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Here’s what my network is saying…

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2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • Yes, but staying married and keeping the wife happy WILL make you money. HA HA

    Find a happy balance, put in some pictures, but keep a look and feel your okay with.

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