March 21

In the Beginning was…List Grooming :)


There are millions of other sites/blogs/’experts’ out there who can tell you how to BUILD your email list. There are option experts, lead gen specialists, and high level ‘smoke blowers’ who say they can do it all. Honestly, building the list is probably the easiest part of the whole process…the process of making money and having a quality list. So I’m not going to waste your time with the building. I want to focus on the GROOMING!

I’m going to list three points. They are simple. They should be followed by you. And you should thank me 🙂

FIRST…Put out your best material FIRST

So you’ve got the lead to fill out the form and give you their name/email address…congrats! Now give them the BEST tip/trick/educational video you have to offer. Often times you sign-up for an offer and after a very short period of time you’re left wanting…’why did I sign up for this?’  ‘Is this really the best this guy/girl has?’

Some people hold back their good stuff for a paid subscription or product. You can do that, but think about the quality UP FRONT!

A tip to see if you’re putting out the best stuff…ASK ANOTHER EXPERT IN YOUR AREA!! If you’re a futures guy…ask another futures guy you know. If you’re forex…etc., etc. And ask someone who you can trust. People fear asking others for their input/insight, but this is another part of the marketing TESTING process that we all go through when taking a product to market…we test it, get feedback, and improve it.

Same can be true with the material you give to your newly acquired email lead.

SECOND…Follow up as yourself

This one seems pretty simple…write to your new leads as yourself. This kinda leads to my next point, but in order to build a list who listens to, trusts, and buys from YOU, they need to know you. If you’re a deep thinker who’s very analytical ..write that way. Don’t water YOU down. If you’re goofy and to the point…write that way! If you’re…you get the point.

I know you, and if you want me to give you my 2 cents on your follow-up emails let me know! I’ll be glad to shoot you straight 🙂

THIRD…Focus on retaining BEFORE selling.

You have the lead…now you’re excited…”I CAN MAKE SOME MONEY!!”

Hold on there partner…first you’ve got to make sure that person STAYS with you. By doing the two steps above, you’re already halfway there!! You’ve given them your best material to show them that you’re an expert who they WANT to learn from. You’ve written to them in your own voice, so they can connect (or reject) the real you.

The other key to retaining is to CONTINUE communication and education. Often people give away the free offer/material, then dive into the sales…then forget about the continued communication and education. Remember, the goal is to not sell them ONCE, it’s to sell to them over and over again. And the only way you can do that is to continue to prove to them that you are the expert who can help them, and who they want to learn from!

What are you doing differently to groom your list?

Let me know in the comments so I can tell you how awful…or awesome…that plan is 🙂


P.S. I’m serious about being a help resource for you…just ask 🙂


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  • Very Good advice Brad.
    It is always wise to let them catch a few before you show them where the bigger fish are and exactly what to use for the rigs and bait…


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